USS Atlantis (NCC-81424)

Task Force 17, Task Group 38


USS Atlantis





Commanding Officer

Commander Tikva Theodoras
Played by McGig

Task Group

Task Group 38

Task Force

Task Force 17

USS Atlantis is an Argonaut class light cruiser serving with Task Force 38 in the Delta Quadrant. Assigned to independent detail, the Atlantis has been assigned to explore towards the Expanse and the Swallow Nebula. With charts indicating a heightened presence of Hirogen hunting packs and several sovereign powers in the area, Starfleet thought best to assigned a vessel capable of independent operations that can fight when it needs to, even if that means it has to spend a little longer doing survey work a  more dedicated explore could complete quicker.

Under the command of Commander Tikva Theodoras, the Atlantis and her crew have just recently arrived in the Delta Quadrant and are beginning their exploration work.