USS Dreadnought (NCC-80003)

Task Force 86, Task Group 64


USS Dreadnought





Commanding Officer

Rear Admiral T'Vrell
Played by Tia

Task Group

Task Group 64

Task Force

Task Force 86

Bearing a name lineage that passes through the revolutionary battleship HMS Dreadnought, then to Earth Starfleet ship USS Dreadnought XCV-355. But the first Federation Starfleet ship named Dreadnought was the Excelsior-class ship with the registry number NCC-2004, launched on August 14, 2288. During her shakedown cruise, the Vulcan ambassador T’Prel entered early labor, and the first procedure performed in her sickbay was the delivery of a Vulcan girl named T’Vrell.

Over the next century, the Dreadnought served with distinction, involving itself in twenty-eight First Contact missions, discovering multiple unique anomalies, and fighting in the wars with the Romulans, Tzenkethi, Cardassians, and Dominion. She was involved in the Valoris crisis and the offering of aid to the Romulans after the supernova. After the Dominion War, T’Vrell, the child born during the ship’s shakedown cruise, returned to her as her captain.

In 2398, after a hundred and ten years of service, the first Dreadnought was retired to duty as a museum ship, and a new Dreadnought was commissioned the following year. A modern Odyssey-class ship, the new Dreadnought would serve as Admiral T’Vrell’s flagship, under the command of her wife, Captain Sue Garcia.