USS Arcturus (NCC-84000)

Task Force 72, Starbase 72


USS Arcturus





Commanding Officer

Captain Michael Lancaster
Played by David

Task Group

Starbase 72

Task Force

Task Force 72

The Arcturus is an Odyssey-class starship originally built with special modifications to handle leading long-range exploratory missions in the Delta Quadrant, though she has also seen brief service along the Breen border in the Alpha Quadrant. While launched under the command of then-Fleet Captain Elizabeth Hayden, Captain Michael Lancaster assumed command in mid-2399 following her promotion to rear admiral. The ship continues to be Admiral Hayden’s flagship and has resumed her original exploratory mission in the Delta Quadrant.

The Arcturus has a crew of 2,500, among whom are a far larger number of senior officers than most other starships, including four officers holding the substantive rank of captain, serving as commanding officer, executive officer, captain of engineering, and captain of medicine. The ship is a flying starbase, carrying with it a fleet of runabouts and its own support vessel, the USS Hokule’a, an Aquarius-class light escort docked in a stern cradle. She supports a handful of smaller starships also assigned to Admiral Hayden’s long-distance exploratory mission, providing crew recreation opportunities as well as resupply.

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