USS Orpheus (NCC-80556)

Task Force 72, Task Group 21


USS Orpheus





Commanding Officer

Commander al-Haajid
Played by Aelle

Task Group

Task Group 21

Task Force

Task Force 72

Though the Orpheus’ past is fraught with conflict and struggle, having fought in engagements against the Sovereignty of Kahless and the Romulan Free State, little can be seen of those difficult days upon it’s refurbished hull and refitted systems.

Those wounds too have been carried away by the old crew of the now-aging Argonaut-class vessel. Now the Orpheus bares a new crew and a new captain, Muhammad al-Haajid.

Al-Haajid and the intrepid crew of the Orpheus now head out in to new dangers, new discoveries, and whole new worlds of exploration and adventure.