USS Relentless (NCC-75660)

Task Force 9, Deneb Sector Operations


USS Relentless





Commanding Officer

Commander Sari Mirel
Played by Leah

Task Group

Deneb Sector Operations

Task Force

Task Force 9

The USS Relentless is a Defiant-class starship assigned to Task Force 9 and the Deneb Sector which is located coreward of Ferengi space and shares an extensive border with the Breen. This area of space contains a number of vulnerable Federation colonies which have limited defenses, as well as the ignominious site of the abandoned Farpoint Station project on Deneb IV. Starfleet’s priority in this sector is to establish a network of border outposts to provide defensive and early warning capabilities to the region, as well as to finally construct a forward operating base in the region to support exploratory efforts in the neutral space near Breen territory.