USS Polaris (NCC-80001)

Task Force 93, Task Group 58


USS Polaris





Commanding Officer

Fleet Admiral Allison Reyes
Played by JonM

Task Group

Task Group 58

Task Force

Task Force 93

Star Trek: ASTRA

All we known is still infinitely less than all that remains unknown.
~ William Harvey

Odyssey-class StarshipWhile research and development activities are traditionally conducted from starbases and outposts within the Federation’s core territories, not all research occurs within a lab. Sometimes, the greatest discoveries are made amongst the stars. The USS Polaris is the Osiris Initiative’s direct acknowledgement of this, hosting not just a few science officers but an entire specialized, cross-functional agency known as the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity (ASTRA) that fuels Starfleet’s innovation engine through exploration of strange new works, interactions and negotiations with alien species, and crisis response to some of the stranger realities on the rim of known space.

USS Polaris // Advanced Science, Technology & Research Activity
Commanding Officer & ASTRA Director
Fleet Admiral Allison Reyes
Executive Officer
Captain Gérard Devreux

Judicial Affairs
Commander Robert Drake

ASTRA Deputy Director,
Intel & Cultural Research

Commander Jake Lewis
ASTRA Deputy Director,
Scientific & Medical Research

Commander Luke Lockwood

Lieutenant Commander Keith Ryan

Commander Sevok, Ph.D.

Security & Tactical
Lieutenant Clay Torres

Flight Control
Lieutenant Aria Edhir

Human Intelligence & Field Operations
Commander Jake Lewis

Electronic Intelligence & Digital Systems
Senior Chief Ayala Shafir

Diplomatic & Cultural Affairs
Lieutenant Emilia Balan

Physical Sciences
Commander Luke Lockwood

Medical & Biological Sciences
Commander James Henderson, M.D., M.P.H.

Counseling & Psychological Sciences
Lieutenant Lisa Hall