USS Yorktown (NCC-82002)

Task Force 93, Devron Fleet Yards


USS Yorktown





Commanding Officer

Captain Samuel Matheson
Played by teylasramar

Task Group

Devron Fleet Yards

Task Force

Task Force 93


“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.

Neil Armstrong – Ship’s Dedication Quote

The USS Yorktown is a Century-class starship that currently serves as the flagship of the Fourth Fleet attached to Task Force 93. The Yorktown is the fourth Federation starship to bear the name and follows a legacy of proven ships of exploration. The name Yorktown has often found its name into the halls of Starfleet Command as a proven name of science, and a stalwart ship in times of defense of the Federation. The name “Yorktown” goes back as far as the founding of the Federation and, in fact, Earth Starfleet.