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Bravo Fleet Hosting

All games* in our community are required to use Bravo Fleet hosting. We offer a free hosting plan to all Game Managers, which has enough resources to host a typical Nova or WordPress-based website. If you require more resources, either for a wiki or supporting feature, you can upgrade to our premium plan or host the additional resource somewhere else (provided that the main website is still hosted under a Bravo Fleet subdomain).

Free Hosting


300MB of Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 SQL Database
3 Email Addresses
1 FTP Account
1 Sub-domain
Access to Bravo Fleet Support
Premium Hosting


500MB of Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
5 SQL Databases
5 Email Addresses
3 FTP Accounts
3 Add-on Domains
Access to Bravo Fleet Support
* Current games hosted outside of Bravo Fleet are grandfathered (meaning they can continue hosting outside the fleet). If you are hosted outside the fleet and you would like to transfer to fleet hosting, email