Fleet News - Task Force 25

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Commodore Camilla Dougherty
      The Reliquary
 VIA  Fleet Command, Task Force 25

Moving Forward Our fearless TFCO is currently on LOA so this report is coming to you from your friendly neighborhood TFXO, Commodore Camilla Dougherty aka Nate. With Star Trek Picard rounding out its first season, Task Force 25 remains excited about the upcoming changes happening within the fleet.  While we wait to find out what […]

March 24th, 2020 by
  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Rear Admiral Irene Hatch
      USS Turing
 VIA  Reports, Task Force 25

Hello Bravo Fleet! It’s the first full month of operation for Task Force 25, and it has thus far been a stellar one! The USS Turing has been established as the flagship and HQ of the Task Force. This will be run as a fiction, to help really immerse the Task Force in the type of […]

Greetings all! Christmas Day is not done for announcements! I’ve been really big on trying to convey our thought processes for full transparency as much as I can, so this will be no different. A while back we created Task Force 25 to really embrace the episodic nature of Star Trek; Task Force 9 was […]

Task Force Shuffle Since the current BFA has come into office, one of our major goals – one of my major goals – has been to see what has been working and what has not been working in Bravo Fleet in the most recent past and currently by garnering feedback from as many sources as […]