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The Lost Fleet Phase 2!

May 20, 2023

Phase 1 of The Lost Fleet has officially ended, and Phase 2 has begun! Looking at the preliminary participation tallies for competitions, gaming, and writing, this Fleet Action has thus far been the most successful one we’ve run to date. Each year the Fleet Actions grow and grow in numbers and activity, but this one is already blowing the previous years Fleet Action, Sundered Wings, out of the water! Kudos to all of you for spending a little time with Bravo Fleet and having a little bit of fun for a few weeks. I can and will also say that this is still anyone’s race for both the individual placements in the Fleet Action and the Task Forces going head to head. So if you’re reading this, just know that you still have an opportunity to bring glory to both yourself and your Task Force!

Now that Phase 2 has begun and you all shift your writing accordingly, keep in mind that the following competitions are now available for the next two weeks (May 21 to June 4):

Also, a reminder to please read the competition prompts completely and understand what it is asking for. For instance, the jigsaw in Phase 1 asked that the piece count be included else the entry would be disqualified (don’t worry if you didn’t this time!), or the ribbon races which indicate that you don’t need to submit to that comp directly and that they’ll be tallied automatically at the end if you just conduct business as usual. If you then have questions, please ask on Discord or PM the competition organizer directly.