OPERATIONAL REPORT-Task Force 25- February 2020

Camilla Dougherty

Posted On
March 24, 2020

Addressed To
All Fleet

Fleet Command
Task Force 25

Moving Forward

Our fearless TFCO is currently on LOA so this report is coming to you from your friendly neighborhood TFXO, Commodore Camilla Dougherty aka Nate.

With Star Trek Picard rounding out its first season, Task Force 25 remains excited about the upcoming changes happening within the fleet. 

While we wait to find out what developments Picard will bring to our Fleet and Task Force canon, TF25 has continued to press on telling our stories in our corner of the galaxy.

The Reliquary presents an awesome asset to aid the CO’s of Task Force 25 in telling stories that will all weave together a full Task Force tale. 

Game Updates

THE RELIQUARY-  Starfleet Teams are settling into the vast Alien Installation and the Reliquary Exploration Initiative, led by LCDR Amanda Greystone investigate the deep dark corners of the ancient structure.

USS CONSTITUTION- On it’s first exploratory investigative mission from the Reliquary; Old Ironsides is tasked with exploring a database mention of an almost limitless power generator in a solar system unmapped by Starfleet. The Constitution arrives but finds something that up until then was believed to be an astronomical impossibility by all the best understandings of Federation sciences.

USS EXCALIBUR- Sticking close to the Reliquary, the Excalibur provides support to the personnel stationed there and investigates short range items of interest identified by the Database.

USS PROXIMA- The USS Proxima is fresh off a failed Duckblind anthropological mission on Neldi V. They limp back to the Task Force to await new orders from Admiral Hatch.

USS TURING- The USS Turing operates as a mobile Task Force HQ for Admiral Hatch to work with the Reliquary Exploration Initiative.


I am so pleased with how the Task Force is moving forward and I can’t wait to see what Picard brings with the conclusion of the season.

The changes to the fleet structure means there are endless possibilities for everyone to engage with our community and I’m confident that Task Force 25 will continue to prosper and grow going forward.