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Labyrinth: Phase 2 Storyline Released

June 24, 2024

The first week of Labyrinth is over! Already we’ve seen a staggering 200,000 words penned for the 2024 Fleet Action in a mere 10 days. That’s incredible, and I’m so delighted to see all of the stories you’re coming up with as the chaos of Underspace is felt rippling across the galaxy.

But chaos only lasts for so long. After confusion comes understanding. We are Starfleet, after all, and the unknown is not to be feared. It is an opportunity. Phase 2 begins on Monday July 1st, and with it comes the next stage of FA storytelling as the galaxy stops reacting, and begins to act. What is to be done with Underspace? What changes will it bring? What can be learnt about it? How can it be harnessed? These are the stories that come next, as the galactic powers stop to decide whether Underspace is to be approached with fear or curiosity, to be harnessed for understanding and cooperation – or domination.

To that end, the expanded Labyrinth briefing for Phase 2 is now available. Perhaps more excitingly, so are the Phase 2 additions for the Labyrinth Campaign Table! Phase 2 is still 7 days away, but now you can consult the briefing, get your dice bags out, and think about what comes next and how to steer your current storylines towards these new developments.

The twisting tales of Labyrinth have barely begun…