JAG Code Rewrite

September 24, 2022

In addition to the changes to the Charter outlined in the most recent Fleet Command Report, the BFC also took a hard look at the Magistrate Code. As stated in that announcement, the position of Magistrate, and the Magistrate’s Office, have been renamed to better reflect historical and canon titles, which means that I am now (once more!) the Bravo Fleet Judge Advocate General.

While most of the changes were clarifications and updates to the new language, there are a few more significant changes. A full view of the changes is available here.

  • We added a policy on conflicts of interest, requiring JAG officials who have a conflict of interest with regards to a case to recuse themselves from that case and creating a structure for appointing acting officers to make sure the office’s work is still done.
  • All complaints to JAG must now be submitted through the complaint form on the BFMS. A recurring problem has been people saying things on Discord in a moment of heat that qualified as complaints under the old policy, and this more formal process avoids that while still allowing any member to exercise their right to complaint.
  • While the process of investigating and responding to complaints is mostly unchanged, the language has been clarified throughout. It should be more readable, and ease both JAG staff’s work in following the process and members’ ability to make certain their rights are being respected.
  • There are also few substantial changes to the Specific Articles of Conduct and Reprimand. However, a fair bit of clarifying language has been added to the rules on Disreputable Behavior, Plaigerism, Cheating and Exploitation, and Cloning. Of particular note, abuse of the judicial process is now specifically mentioned as disreputable behavior.

I’d suggest that members read the new JAG Code. If you have any questions, you can ask in #ask-the-bfc or contact me on Discord.