Fleet Command Report #83 – Charter Changes!

September 23, 2022

To all the members of Bravo Fleet:

Another Fleet Command Report is upon us! This one will focus on some changes and updates we’ve recently made to the Bravo Fleet Charter. Over the past few months, a small team has been slowly chipping away at some ideas, refinement, and better explanations and definitions we wanted to bring to the Charter. As a whole, the leadership of the fleet is happy with the Charter in spirit. We feel that it really shows our member-first approach, how everyone is to be treated equally within the fleet, and what responsibilities are lined out for those tasked with stewardship over Bravo Fleet — namely the BFCO and Magistrate. But there were small tweaks we have wanted to make as the Charter is always going to be a living document that gets updated and improved upon as we learn from our experiences. These changes passed through the eligible voters of Bravo Fleet Command, unanimously.

I won’t regurgitate the entire list of changes to you, but here are some highlights:

  • The purpose of the Charter is better outlined;
  • “Eligible Voters” was renamed to “Electorate” for a much smoother flow; an Electorate is defined as “the body of persons entitled to vote in an election”;
  • The head of the Electorate was redefined as the Chair for official purposes to also encompass anyone who may be acting as BFCO in an acting or interim capacity;
  • Interim Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer and Acting Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer more fully and officially defined in separate capacities;
  • Better and further reiterate that Bravo Fleet is a group made up of its membership, without which we would be nothing and that any person who seeks to play by the rules and policies the leadership has set forth is more than welcome to be a member of Bravo Fleet;
  • Several Senior Staff positions were renamed. We realized that our positions were teetering between OOC and IC titles, and wanted to pick a side. It was far easier to go with more IC stylized titles, and also dig further into the immersive experience that Bravo Fleet is trying to bring to the membership!;
  • One of these title changes includes turning the Magistrate back into “Judge Advocate General”. This was done for several reasons: the “softer language” has never made a lick of difference in the past 2 years, it is more historical and immersive, it doesn’t really change what the purpose of the position is, and finally and maybe most importantly we wanted to read people from other organizations crying about it on Facebook. Okay, that last one might be a joke…;
  • A new BFSS position has been added: Academy Commandant. This is largely preemptive as the fully developed Academy is still in the works. However, we didn’t want to have to go back and edit the Charter in 2 months just to add a position we knew was coming. More on that will be coming soon from David with future plans of the Academy!;
  • The chain of succession is actually defined. Worry not, if we get past 3rd or 4th in that chain, we’re going to have May of 2019 type problems;
  • The Conservatorship, its responsibilities, and “good standing” are better defined; and
  • The appointment of the BFCO is much better defined with some better defined contingencies. Again, a lot of these are “oh crap” levels of proportion if they ever have to be used, but its better to have them and not need them.

For anyone interested in the full change log, you can see it all here. The Charter is already updated and available on the Wiki. I’m sure some members may have questions. Most of these changes won’t directly affect many, but you may feel like you have a question. Feel free to fire away in #ask-the-bfc on Discord! Maybe you’ll spot something we missed! Also, look out for a report from our new (old?) Judge Advocate General on a large number of changes that have come to the Judicial Code, as well. Look for policies to be updated to reflect position name changes in the coming weeks as departments are able to get to them.