Task Force 99
Task Group Ares

Task Group Ares, is a task group assigned to Task Force 99. This task group is made up several sims that follow the loosely Bravofleet’s main canon, and are not associated with the alternate universes.


USS Galahad (NCC-78021-A)
Class New Class (Specify in Proposal) Status Active
Registry NCC-78021-A Format Nova
Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
Set in 2409, the U.S.S. Galahad NCC-78021-A is a Gagarin-class battlecruiser assigned to covert project aimed at bolstering the Federation's position in their war with the Klingon Empire.
Commanding Officer
Captain Vannon Dacour
USS Pioneer (NCC-74657)
Class Intrepid Status Active
Registry NCC-74657 Format Nova
Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
In 2371, the USS Pioneer was stranded in the Delta Quadrant by a mysterious, powerful entity known as the Caretaker, and forced to integrate her Maquis quarry into the crew on the journey home. A familiar story. An unfamiliar path.
Acting Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander Edmund Hawthorne
Acting Executive Officer
Commander Lorato Carter
USS Harbinger (NCC-906857)
Class New Class (Specify in Proposal) Status Provisional
Registry NCC-906857 Format Nova
Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
Set in 2788, the USS harbinger explores a new area of space. With powerful new technology, she is the newest explorer in a post-war society.
Commanding Officer
Captain Devin Neely
USS North Star (NCC-78664)
Class Vesta Status Active
Registry NCC-78664 Format Nova
Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer
Captain Samantha Rosso
Starbase 400 (SB-400)
Class Spacedock Status Active
Registry SB-400 Format Nova
Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
It's 2395, Romulus and Remas are no more and the Enterprise-E has been decommissioned. The Cardassians are allied with the Federation/Klingon Alliance, there's peace with the Dominion, and there's a 'cold war' with the Romulans and the rest of the Typhon Pact. It's a time of change...
Commanding Officer/USS Pegasus-B CO
Fleet Admiral Mike Bremer
Executive Officer/USS Essex-B CO
Admiral Deela T’Lar
USS New Hampshire (NCC-84702-A)
Class Galaxy Refit Status Inactive
Registry NCC-84702-A Format Nova
Rating General (13+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
The USS New Hampshire has left starbase and is en-route to the Triangle to investigate a lead related to the assassin known only as Mörderin following his recent attack on a Starfleet Admiral and an Ambassador.
Commanding Officer
Colonel Jack Pike
Executive Officer
Commander Paul MacLeod
USS Pegasus (NCC-1702)
Class Constitution Status Fiction
Registry NCC-1702 Format Nova
Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting No
Game Description
A Constitution Class Refit vessel, the Pegasus has just completed a year long overhaul and systems upgrade and is preparing to go back into harm's way, exploring the final frontier, with a new CO and Crew.
Commanding Officer
Captain Jonathan Roebuck
Vidal Fleet Yards (SB-714)
Class Guardian Status Active
Registry SB-714 Format Nova
Rating Adult (18+) Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer
Rear Admiral Domingo Martinez
Executive Officer
Captain Hadir Prenar