Task Force 9
Task Group 21

Task Group 21 is assigned to map the area of space trailing coreward from Federation space between Breen and Kzinti Territory, with the goal of identifying potential threats and potential allies in the region to protect the Federation’s interests in the Alpha Quadrant. This group is made up of a diverse collection of long-range explorers, scout vessels, and science ships, all tasked with exploring outside of Federation territory.

USS Apollo (NCC-82789)
Class Rhode Island Status Active
Registry NCC-82789 Format Nova
Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting No
Game Description
After the crew boards the Apollo at Starbase 38 in the Barzan System, they are pit alongside the Task Force flagship, the Arcturus, against another group of Starfleet vessels to test their mettle and prepare for the rigors of the Delta Quadrant.
Commanding Officer
Captain Sean Gaudain
Executive Officer
Commander Cal Everett