Task Force 86
Task Group Porthos

“We are born to the Caj. We die for the Caj.”

— Orion Proverb, Third Thakolarivaj

Rimward and Trailing from Khitomer and Starbase 86, the seat of administration in the Archanis Sector is on Archanis itself. In the fallout of the Federation-Klingon conflict and the new solidarity that followed, the Federation and Klingons agreed to joint control of the Archanis system. In 2399, the increasing instability of the adjacent sectors following the collapse of the Orion Vaj spurred Starfleet into a more proactive role. The Rimward Operations Theatre of Task Force 86 formed Task Group Porthos, headquartered at Joint-Base Archanis.

From Joint-Base Archanis, Starfleet hopes to stabilize the region, provide logistical support for the New Suliba Movement, and monitor the ongoing shifts of government on both Nausicaa and Kolar. Starfleet Intelligence has dispatched teams to infiltrate and curtail both the Orion Syndicate and the Yridian data piracy cell known as Soal Qonsur (lit: “Ripe Data”). Concerns with widespread piracy and espionage remain a serious issue for Federation and affiliated groups and distrust in the local systems is high. Many of these star systems have seen fifteen years of minimal Federation assistance and are wary of those resources being pulled again.

The (perceived) stability of the Rimward Klingon sectors afford Starfleet a new opportunity: exploring beyond the Klingons’ Spinward frontier. Starfleet has been granted exploration privileges by the High Council of the Klingon Empire. Starfleet vessels are escorted through specific warp-lanes in Klingon territory, are deposited on the Klingon frontier, and are assigned recall stardates. Their captains are expressly told they are on their own: the Klingons do not explore and do not come to the aid of scientists. Despite that, no longer do deep space, long-range explorers have to go the “LWA”- the long way around.



    The final collapse of the Orion Vaj has left a power vacuum in the Orion Borderlands. Though Kolar is an independent world and the Prime Directive applies, the Orion Syndicate has used the power vacuum to assert nearly uncontested control over a weak puppet government. Starfleet has ordered Task Group Porthos to contain any spread of violence or unrest in the Orion Borderlands and coordinate diplomatically with the Klingons regarding the Orion Colonies on their side of the border.


    Starfleet Intelligence has noticed a massive increase in criminal activity traced back to Orion Syndicate cells since the 2385 withdrawal from the border. With their consolidation of control over the puppet government on Kolar, that issue is expected to become worse. Starfleet Intelligence, using Task Group Porthos’ resources as needed, have been ordered to contain the spread and influence of the Syndicate beyond the Borderlands. The resurgence of Soal Qonsur is of equal concern, as they seek to sell manipulated data and top secret information to any interested party.


    The collapse of the latest Nausicaan Kratic has led to increased piracy, terrorism and factional disputes in the space beyond Nausicaa. Starfleet Intelligence has seen a marked increase in illegal weapons dealing throughout the sector: the Nausicaan factions are arming for civil war. Starfleet Command has directed Task Group Porthos to protect civilian and allied vessels from Nausicaan aggression, and to render assistance to anyone victimized by the fallout of their latest government’s collapse.


    The New Suliban Movement has been gaining traction for years. Suliban refugees across Federation space have sought to revive their common culture. In 2398, the New Suliban Movement was granted a charter by Colonization Command. Starfleet has tasked Task Group Porthos to assist the NSM’s leadership council with finding a world suitable for their needs and to offer logistical support. It’s an exciting time to be a Suliban but not all Suliban think it’s wise. To them, the loss of their world is penance for the past deeds of The Cabal. Others fear drawing attention to themselves, haunted by old prejudices caused by their ancestors’ acts of terror.


    The task of system surveying is never done, even in long-established Federation territory. There are hundreds of thousands of cubic light-years within Federation space, many of them never explored except by a space telescope or the odd probe. Starfleet has directed Task Group Porthos to allocate resources for what has always been Starfleet’s primary mission- to seek out new life and to boldly go.


    The overthrow of the Confederacy in favor of the Gorn Hegemony caused alarm to Federation assets in the area- yet the transition has been uneventful. The Gorn have continued to abide by all treaties. Their border, while not “friendly,” is stable. Trade is brisk and centered on Cestus III. Starfleet patrols around it and must remain vigilant, as pirates and entrepreneurs ignorant of Gorn culture may cause a diplomatic crisis. Encountering Gorn Hunter ships are a common sight here though it’s best to leave them alone.


    The Klingon Empire has stipulated that Starfleet may enter its space under heavy escort and through warp corridors of their choosing “for security purposes.” Those vessels will direct Starfleet science ships to the edges of their territory, where they are turned loose to explore. The catch is- the Klingons have no intention of rescuing Starfleet’s naive explorers. They are on their own and are instructed to return for escort back to Federation space at a negotiated time.

  • SIG-50 (SIGIL) (NONE)
    Class Not Applicable Status Open
    Registry NONE Format Nova
    Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting Yes
    Game Description
    SIGIL is an OPEN COMMAND centered around a mobile Starfleet Intelligence Team. If you are interested in taking command, check minimum requirements for becoming a CO and talk to Task Force 86's Command Team.
    Astoria (NONE-4201)
    Class Antares II Status Open
    Registry NONE-4201 Format Nova
    Rating General (13+) Recruiting Yes
    Game Description
    The Federation Merchant Marine Freighter Astoria is an OPEN COMMAND. If you are interested in taking command, check minimum requirements for becoming a CO and talk to Task Force 86's Command Team.
    Joint Base Archanis (SB-66)
    Class Planetary Base Status Open
    Registry SB-66 Format Nova
    Rating General (13+) Recruiting Yes
    Game Description
    Joint Base Archanis is an OPEN COMMAND, set in the Klingon-Federation base cooperating on Archanis IV. It is the operational headquarters of Task Group Porthos. If you are interested in taking command, check minimum requirements for becoming a CO and talk to Task Force 86's Command Team.