Task Force 86
Task Group Aramis

Very little is known about the initial construction or purpose of the massive alien data repository come to be known as The Reliquary. According to the installation’s onboard AI, it was built aeons ago by a species referred to only as The Builders. Per the Reliquary’s database, The Builders were one of the first forms of humanoid life to arise on the galactic scale, but this can be neither disproved nor proven. 

The Reliquary itself is massive, and was intended to be. Approximately 40% of its internal spaces are taken up by data cores, filled with observational data from around the galaxy, spanning over billions of years, with the only gap being the most recent 5,000 years.

At a cursory glance, The Reliquary has an obvious design aesthetic of a massive starbase, able to manage an entire fleet. There are numerous and significant weapons placements on the exterior, as well as a ring of docking ports and pods on the exterior of the installation. Internally, the technology can best be hearkened back to First-Federation technology. While there are holographic displays smattered throughout the installation, most of the consoles are very old-fashioned keyboard and display style. Many of the common interior spaces can best be described as cavernous.

It is unknown when the station was abandoned or what happened to The Builders, only that the station remained untouched until 2398. 



Early in 2398, while on a routine patrol, the IKS K’LeP encountered a subspace communique upon arriving on their northernmost border. It took the better part of a full day to decrypt the polyphasic entangled waveforms which contained the message. What the Klingon crew found was a set of spatial coordinates, and an algorithm showing the first phase of quantum slipstream travel. As the team further broke down the message, they determined it to have been broadcast in multiple languages, among them Horta, Breen, and Tholian. 

General J’Evek and her crew immediately sent a priority communique to the Klingon High Council, and stated their intention of altering course to the coordinates within the message to investigate further. The K’Lep being a Negh’Var class warship, was superbly capable of handling anything that could be thrown at it, and J’Evek was determined to be experienced enough to manage whatever the situation was. 

Upon arrival, the crew discovered the massive installation orbiting the accretion disc of a black hole. As they entered into a station-keeping orbit, a single message was transmitted from the station: “Welcome to The Reliquary, ancient bastion of the Builders and their great work.”



The Klingon crew worked several months to try and decipher the database but were barely able to scratch the surface. Unfortunately, the Klingon High Council was unable to commit the considerable resources that the expedition required. They were not, however, keen to cede their claim to the station. These factors led to the High Council’s invitation to the Federation to send their own resources to Reliquary and assist in the exploration of the immense facility and its database.

Starfleet assigned a specialized team of Scientists and Engineers to the project aboard the station, as well as a number of vessels tasked with investigating entries of interest from the Reliquary database.

While the Klingons maintain control of the station in theory, much of the Reliquary Exploration Initiative is overseen by Starfleet.

USS Insignia (NCC-75454)
Class Insignia Status Open
Registry NCC-75454 Format Nova
Rating General (13+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
Starship Insignia is an OPEN COMMAND in support of exploring the Reliquary. If you are interested in taking command, check minimum requirements for becoming a CO and talk to Task Force 86's Command Team.
The Reliquary (FMO-9)
Class Alien Installation Status Fiction
Registry FMO-9 Format Nova
Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting No
Task Group Commanding Officer
Commodore Camilla Dougherty
Project Lead
Commander Derin Ral
USS Hypatia (NCC-92601)
Class Vesta Status Active
Registry NCC-92601 Format Nova
Rating General (13+) Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer
Commodore Catherine Waldorf