Task Force 38
Gradin Belt Operations

Outpost Kumalo (NONE)
Class Forward Operating Base Status Fiction
Registry NONE Format Nova
Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting No
Game Description
Outpost Kumalo is the Federation’s only diplomatic mission in the Delta Quadrant, and the primary diplomatic presence in the Gradin Belt. Sitting nestled between several major Delta Quadrant powers, Kumalo is poised to be the diplomatic heart of the DQ.
Chief Ambassador
Ambassador Charles Kennly
USS Ganymede (NCC-80107)
Class Luna Status Active
Registry NCC-80107 Format Nova
Rating General (13+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
The Ganymede was one of the first ships re-assigned to the Gradin Belt once the Barzan Wormhole was re-opened.
Commanding Officer
Captain Autumn Darby-Holmes
USS Newton (NCC-38001)
Class Olympic Status Active
Registry NCC-38001 Format Nova
Rating Adult (18+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
The Newton was sent to explore a spatial rift, which turned out to be a tear that deposited a Vehn shift right in their lap. The Newt is repelling boarders and fighting to stay alive.