USS North Star

The USS North Star has undertaken a bold new mission: exploring the deep space regions beyond the edge of Federation space. No one has seen what lies in the fringes of the galaxy. What lies ahead may be unknown, but for Captain Samantha Rosso and her crew, the adventure that awaits them is worth the risk. From their staging point at Starbase Polaris in the Chi Ascendancy, the crew of the North Star will explore strange new worlds, seek out new life forms and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before.


Captain Samantha Rosso
Commanding Officer

A skilled engineer who suddenly found herself thrust down the path of command, Captain Samantha Rosso is boldly taking her crew where no one has gone before. But chasing what lies ahead may not be enough to run from the demons in her past....

Played by Link

Lieutenant Commander Abby McAlister
Executive Officer

Abby was born in the mountains of Scotland where she was trained in the art of natural medicine. She graduated early due to her intelligence level and attended Starfleet Medical, interned at McCoy Hospital and is currently serving as first officer on the USS North Star

Played by Sammi

Master Chief Petty Officer Reyna MacArthur
Command Master Chief

Master Chief MacArthur is no stranger to the ups and downs of Starfleet service as she approaches her 20 year mark. Having a captain with inexplicable psychokinetic powers who was the former host of an ancient alien entity? That one's new.

Played by Link

Lieutenant Junior Grade Melani Reinoa
Mission Advisor

Lieutenant JG Melani Reinoa, despite her young age, has proved to be a brilliant tactician. After helping the colonists of her border world of Angara fend off an aggressive occupation by Jem'Hadar shock troopers, the Federation took her and her family away from the poverty of Angara and set them up with work on Earth. Melani's entire worldview changed when she was introduced to what she learned was normal on Federation worlds, and it was this privilege that eventually led to her joining Starfleet.

Played by Link

Lieutenant Commander Talisya Tyrani
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Born and bred for combat, Lieutenant Commander Talisya Tyrani performs her job admirably, and her efforts have earned her the respect of her crew and captain. But despite getting along with her crewmates, she keeps them at a distance. Her solitary history is hard to break free of, despite the best efforts of her yeoman. Her solace is in her two daughters, Titania and Tenaya, who keep her moving forward even when she doesn't feel like she has the strength.

Played by Link

Petty Officer 2nd Class Katie Bell III
Chief Security/Tactical Officer's Yeoman

Petty Officer Katie Bell joined Starfleet to see the galaxy, not to push papers. Yet here she is, on her first assignment out of boot camp, doing exactly that. Luckily for her, she's been given a unique project: managing LCDR Talisya Tyrani's everyday life. After one day in the office, Katie couldn't figure out for the life of her how Talisya survived without her this long. Maternal instincts activate!

Played by Link

Lieutenant Junior Grade Anson Bryant
Chief Operations Officer

Anson or Ani for short, is a bit of a know it all. He loves to show everyone how smart he is. He is open to new ideas, as long as they are intelligent. He has the personality of work hard and play hard. And chasing after the ladies. He can be a nice guy, but typically he wants something from you.

Played by JL Galloway

Civilian Arrhae t'Rehu
Civilian Informant

Finely chiselled aristofcratically high cheekbones. Tall, slim build with long hair running down to her waist. Quiet, shy, not-quite demure. Dislikes overbearing attitudes and lies.

Played by Trek

Open Positions

  1. Chief Science Officer
  2. Chief Communications Officer
  3. Chief Diplomatic Officer
  4. Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
  5. Assistant Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  6. Assistant Chief Operations Officer
  7. Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
  8. Assistant Chief Science Officer
  9. Assistant Chief Medical Officer
  10. Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer


Into the Unknown
started January 26, 2020

The North Star has been assigned to head a new task group intent on exploring the deep reaches of space. From their jump point on the fringe of Federation space, they'll explore worlds never before touched by the Federation, Klingons, or any other major power of the galaxy.