USS Pegasus

A Constitution Class Refit vessel, the Pegasus has just completed a year long overhaul and systems upgrade and is preparing to go back into harm’s way, exploring the final frontier.

It’s the year 2295…and these are our stories…


The USS Pegasus NCC-1702 sim was an active email based sim for over 4 years, from 1999-2003. At the time, the sim was set in the year 2267 (during the TOS era). When the sim was close in mid 2003, Mike Bremer wrote a fan-fic history for the vessel used in the popular Starbase 400 sim’s background story. Now, by popular demand, the Pegasus is returning as a FanFic ‘simulation’! Additions to the story of the USS Pegasus will be added from time to time. We hope you enjoy our stories.


Captain Jonathan Roebuck
Commanding Officer

When Roebuck gives his word, he means it, and will do everything in his power to keep that promise. A quiet man. Methodical in his thinking and actions, he doesn’t make a move without considering the outcome, good or bad.

Played by MBremer


Mission 1 - Back in Harm's Way
started February 2, 2016

The Pegasus prepares to leave dry dock after a year long overhaul and upgrade. With a new CO and Crew, she is going back into harm's way.