USS Ascension

The USS Ascension is the first of the Ascension-class Dreadnoughts, and is one of the most advanced and most powerful vessels ever built by Starfleet. Rated for combat, exploration, scientific, diplomatic, and logistics missions, the 1,600 member crew is dedicated to serving at the forefront of Starfleet and the Federation. The Ascension is also unique in that it serves as a training vessel for the finest of Starfleet Academy’s cadets. Under the command of Commander Acker Kather and closely monitored by the Academy, these cadets, and the crew alongside them, plan to tackle the most challenging of Starfleet’s missions.


Commander Acker Kather
Commanding Officer

Lt Acker served as a senior medical officer aboard Deep Space 9. Her initial medical training was on her home planet of Valo II during the occupation by the Cardassians. She attended Starfleet Academy and graduated with honors. Her first position was as a junior medical officer aboard the USS Defiance. She was transferred to Deep Space 9 prior to the attack by the Klingons. She continued to serve as a medical officer after that attack, and was still serving when the Dominion attacked and ultimately took over the station. She was promoted to senior medical officer after Starfleet retook Deep Space 9. She was named as Chief Medical Officer at SFM Revenant. After the destruction of the capital city, she was transferred to the USS Ascension as Chief Medical Officer.

Played by dizzyg1970

Lieutenant Commander Jordyn Elbrun
Executive Officer

Jordyn is a scientist with an agenda

Played by Scott

Lieutenant Nico Remy
Chief Operations Officer

As the Ascension's chief operations officer, Nico is an expert in the business of running a ship, and running a ship this big is an awful lot of business, a burden he bears with stoic resignation. He often maintains a grim outlook, and generally expects the worst. If asked, he will say his pessimism serves an entirely practical purpose, helping him to stay prepared for any possibility. It pays to be prepared for anything in the Delta Quadrant, where help is far away and threats are everywhere. Wherever work is important but not glamorous, Nico can be found, insisting it get done properly.

Played by Hackhand

First Lieutenant Dravian Grey
Wing Commander

To say he was raised as a future Starfleet Marine would not have been a lie. With a mother who had risen to the higher levels of command, Dravian had never disagreed with the fact he would one day be in uniform. Though it was after a rather bad family argument in which he enlisted as a grunt, instead of going the officer route, mainly to anger his mother. An easy going nature has followed him through the worst of his life, though since surviving the ambush which took the lives of his entire platoon other than he and one other, he has hidden himself in work, no longer attempting to be the life of the party, and place himself in a role as everyone's friend like before.

Played by Dravian

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First Lieutenant Adam Fletcher
Marine Detatchment Commander

Adam is sharp minded and detail focused, always looking for the next way to progress which ever task he is focused on. He has been through his share of combat and if anything he has seen during that bothered him, he has found a way to make sure it doesn't show. Currently heading the USS Ascension's Marine detachment, the unlimited possibilities the future holds is an exciting prospect to him.

Played by Danh88

Lieutenant Mara Sladi
Chief of Security/Tactical

Mara Inges Sladi currently serves on the Starship USS Kelvin as Chief of Security. Quite frankly, Mara has had it with the universe and the stars. She's done travelling and would like to retire as the Chief of Security for the Starfleet Academy at Bajor that has her firmly grounded in a familiar place. Mara has decided she is not a people person and is suspicious of any activity that involves sneaking around on campus after dark, being in the library until late, walking in dark areas...why are there dark areas of this campus, don't you people see a security issue right in front of your face? It's practically an invite to all malcontents and criminals who would prey on people walking through near or total darkness. No, get lights there now. There should be a security presence at night

Played by MicheleK

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Lieutenant Commander E'Lor Tabor
Chief Engineering Officer

E'Lor is CEO of the USS Ascension. She is a Lt. Cmdr.
E'Lor is outspoken and determined to prove she is a Klingon warrior. She is always striving to be more of a Klingon warrior than people take her for. E'Lor is a wonder whiz in engineering and strives to improve engine output by 100%. She can take a warp core apart and put it back together in her sleep.

Played by LKeth

Lieutenant Scott Haynes
Chief Medical Officer

Scott is exceptionally fresh-faced and always well-groomed to the point many people think he is younger than he is. He is naturally on the thinner yet muscular and more athletic end of the physique spectrum. Scott sometimes grows a beard out to help him look more his age. His hair is shaved short across the sides with a little length on the top he can play with for either work, party or play. When working on something particularly intricate, Hunter is known to wear a set of glasses to reduce the strain on his eyes.

Played by sparkz88

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Crewman Recruit Sabrina Corbin
Fighter Technician

Played by selincali

Lieutenant Jessika Brent
Chief Intelligence Officer

Jessika's leash has been kept short since she was first brought out of stasis in 2366. Since then she has managed to earn the rank of Lieutenant, originally serving on covert Starfleet Intelligence teams during the Dominion War and the cold war with the C’hakilan Empire. Now she is facing a new test, working with a starship crew as the Chief Intelligence Officer.

Played by Annwn

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Chief Science Officer
  3. Chief Counselor
  4. Academy Instructor
  5. Cadets
  6. Assistant Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  7. Assistant Chief Operations Officer
  8. Assistant Chief Science Officer


Maiden Voyage
started August 2, 2019

Ready for launch to the Delta Quadrant, the crew will have to learn about each other quickly and work together to make their first mission successful.