About the Ascension

The USS Ascension has gone through time and space in its quest to fit into Starfleet’s mission. Now in the right place at the right time, she has been given the green light to become one of the most powerful ships in the fleet. With a war-weary crew, she is being sent to a possible new battle. The ship is a Galaxy-refit Dreadnaught, equipped with stunning armaments and engineering marvels. Gone are the Marines and the Cadets who previously walked the decks of the beloved Dread. The now streamlined crew is ready for anything Starfleet can throw at them.


Maiden Voyage
started August 2, 2019 and ended January 25, 2020
Ready for launch to the Delta Quadrant, the crew will have to learn about each other quickly and work together to make their first mission successful.
Brave New World
started January 25, 2020 and ended October 24, 2020
In a new time and a new place, the crew must quickly come to the realization that they are alone and lost. Their loved ones cannot be contacted and there has been no sign of any other Starfleet vessels or bases in any of their long-range scanners. What happened to them is a mystery for Starfleet to figure out. Right now, they must find their new destiny among unfamiliar stars.
Moving Forward
started October 25, 2020 and ended July 6, 2021
With the ship docked at Starbase 67, and the crew removed, the USS Ascension has gone dark. The Captain has been sequestered away from the crew. The ship is to be melted down, and the crew scattered to various galaxies. Will they continue to follow their Captain and commit mutiny?
A Brand New Day
started July 6, 2021
Refitted and ready to rejoin the fleet, the USS Ascension is on on her first new mission. As they approach the Neutral Zone, they can only wonder what their mission entails.

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    Assistant Chief Science Officer

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    Chief Medical Officer

The Game

USS Ascension
Galaxy Refit
Starfleet (2390s)
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Mature (16+)

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