USS Magellan


Captain Anjad Terax
Commanding Officer

Played by aio

Lieutenant Commander Tim Parker
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Commander Timothy Parker currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer aboard the USS Magellan

Played by greenfelt22

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Lieutenant Jeremiah Gilbraith
Chief Science Officer

Played by pathofwrath

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Lieutenant Commander William Harris Jr
Chief Engineering Officer

Played by Bigbilly86

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Ensign Solomon Keppler
Engineering Officer

A member of the Borg Cooperative, ESN Solomon Keppler only recently graduated from the Academy and received his assignment to the USS Magellan. Eager, idealistic, and still very green. Ensign Keppler still has a lot to learn but feels that he also has a lot to offer.

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Only The Beginning
started July 1, 2018

The USS Magellan is dispatched to the Inconnu Expanse, to ensure every ship heard the message from the Alrakis Pact to leave the Expanse.