USS Greene

Battle of The Binary Stars

This was the day it all changed, Starfleet gave the Klingons the Vulcan Hello…Resulting in a war that would span generations.MIchael Burnham mutineered her own ship and caused all out war with the klingons. Now starfleet are heading into the most bloody war since the romulan war…

Commander Colin Lightwood a newly commissioned Commander is given the USS Hades, a walker class ship
, ready to jump straight into a war, that would most certainly end in blood…

This is the story of The Hades a front line ship in the midst of the four years war, backed against the wall with very little to help them, Starfleet must keep composure and the hades was one part of that plan..

It is time to see The Burning Fires Of Hell, With the USS Hades holding the Pitchfork…

Lets Go to War


Commander Dorian Williams
Commanding Officer

Played by Richard

No Image Available

Lieutenant Junior Grade Rajirr Rrareth
Chief Helm Officer

Played by alonzo

Open Positions

  1. Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Flight Control Officer
  3. Chief Operations Officer
  4. Assistant Chief Operations Officer
  5. Security / Tactical Officer
  6. Assistant Chief Communications Officer
  7. Communications Officer
  8. Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
  9. Assistant Chief Medical Officer
  10. Medical Officer