USS Proxima

Once ruthlessly dominated by the Dominion, the Gamma Quadrant was a place where personal freedoms and the pursuit of personal freedoms was just about unheard of. This all came to a change with the Dominion War. The multi-quadrant war resulted in the loss of hundreds of millions of lives and effectively served to break the Dominion’s tight hold in the quadrant.

The instrument of surrender, the Treaty of Bajor, was signed on Deep Space 9 and the Dominion was forced back into the Gamma Quadrant and agreed to the concession of allowing the Federation to begin the exploration of the Quadrant.
In order to protect Federation interests in the sector Starfleet Command authorized the creation of a task force within the Gamma Quadrant. The logical choice Idran was quickly dismissed as it, being the terminus of the Bajoran Wormhole, could serve as a possible point of contention with local powers and claims of unrestricted access to the Alpha Quadrant. Thus, Task Force 25 was born.

After many struggles, with multiple enemies including those with in the Federation herself the crew of the Proxima has once again been authorized for exploration, but has faced her fair share of issues since her short time back in action. Rather it be emergency response, a run in with a rogue Dominion faction, or scientific research the crew of the Sovereign class starship, Proxima overcome each challenge as a team.


Commodore Catherine Waldorf
Commanding Officer

Commodore Waldorf took command of Project Full Circle in April of 2395 following the removal of Rear Admiral Camilla Dougherty from leadership of the program.

Catherine Waldorf had served with distinction in the departments of Resources, Personnel, Operations and Tactics, and was considered the best candiddate to command the precarious program.

The appointment was hotly contested as Commodore Waldorf had been vocal in her opposition of the programs mandates. She thought it foolhardy and ill-timed to return to the Delta Quadrant.

After only two years, Project Full Circle was abandoned and Waldorf was reassigned to the Gamma Quadrant to help oversee operations there. To help with this she was given command of the USS Proxima in the hopes that she would bring expertise to the field.

Played by Nate

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Commander Tyler Hendricks
Executive Officer

Played by selocon

Open Positions

  1. Chief Operations Officer
  2. Chief Engineering Officer
  3. Chief Medical Officer
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