USS Proxima

Very little is known about the initial construction or purpose of the massive alien data repository come to be known as The Reliquary. According to the installation’s onboard AI, it was built aeons ago by a species referred to only as “The Builders.” Per the Reliquary’s database, The Builders were one of the first forms of humanoid life to arise on the galactic scale, but this can be neither disproved nor proven.

The Reliquary database contains information about countless civilizations, planets and anomalies scattered around the known Universe. One of  Task Force 25’s objectives is to explore and investigate the points of interest indicated by the database.

Commodore Catherine Waldorf leads the USS Proxima, after the failed leadership of two Commanding Officers, on expeditions sent you them by the Task Force Staff aboard the Reliquary.



Commodore Catherine Waldorf
Commanding Officer

Commodore Waldorf took command of Project Full Circle in April of 2395 following the removal of Rear Admiral Camilla Dougherty from leadership of the program.

Catherine Waldorf had served with distinction in the departments of Resources, Personnel, Operations and Tactics, and was considered the best candiddate to command the precarious program.

The appointment was hotly contested as Commodore Waldorf had been vocal in her opposition of the programs mandates. She thought it foolhardy and ill-timed to return to the Delta Quadrant.

After only two years, Project Full Circle was abandoned and Waldorf was reassigned to the Gamma Quadrant to help oversee operations there. To help with this she was given command of the USS Proxima in the hopes that she would bring expertise to the field.

Played by Nate

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Commander Tyler Hendricks
Executive Officer

Played by selocon

Open Positions

  1. Chief Operations Officer
  2. Chief Engineering Officer
  3. Chief Medical Officer
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