USS Hypatia

With the ever growing threat posed by the Sovereignty of Kahless, a rogue Klingon state, Task force 93 has diverted assets to the Klingon Borders. USS Hypatia works as an Emergency Response Vessel to assist wherever she can.

The USS Hypatia is a fresh, sleek Vesta Class starship just out from the shipyards and outfitted with expanded medical and damage control facilities.


Captain CeCe Rhodes
Commanding Officer

CeCe is the Commanding Officer of the USS Hypatia.

Played by Nate

Lieutenant Alex Mitchell
Chief Flight Control Officer

Liueutenant Alexander Mitchell is a pilot recently assigned to the U.S.S. Hypatia as her Chief Flight Control Officer.

Played by Dave

Open Positions

  1. Yeoman
  2. Chief Operations Officer
  3. Full Open Positions List Available on the Website


Mission 02-jot pa’ jev “The Calm Before The Storm” (Ongoing)
started July 21, 2019 and ended August 31, 2019

After extensive repairs following a foray with the Sovereignty of Kahless,Hypatia is sent to Capella to a Science conference where they will meet their new XO and an Admiral with a new mission for the ship.

Mission 01- vaj Sor “Into the Woods” (Completed)
started February 7, 2019 and ended February 7, 2019

The USS Hypatia, fresh off her Shakedown cruise, heads to a rendezvous with a Klingon Ambassador to discuss the Sovereignty of Kahless.