USS Meridian


Captain Cor Ritka
Commanding Officer

Ritka may have some issues when it comes to new situations, or when meeting new people, but when she overcomes that after a little while, She's dependable and loyal to a fault. She doesn't have very many friends, but when she does make friends, She doesn't turn her back on them, and is quite loyal to them. She'd even defend them, Given the chance. She'd spent most of her life in Starfleet, and rose up- To the best of her abilities- To the rank of Captain.

Played by KTyra Parker

Lieutenant Jason Simms
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Played by Archerone

Lieutenant Kathryn Button
Chief Medical Officer/Chief Counselor

Kathryn is the exact replica of me (the writer), she got to where she is by the death of her predessor during the battle which the ship is currently working on repairing.
What I (the writer) thinks, feels, believes, Kathryn thinks, feels and believes.

Played by AspieTrekkie