About the Avenger

PLEASE NOTE…the Avenger is not currently recruiting, but please feel free to follow our adventures at avenger.bravofleet.com

Risk is our business! While other Federation starships are exploring the cosmos, the U.S.S. Avenger is keeping the peace by demonstrating the Federation’s strength, patrolling the former neutral zone between Federation and Romulan space, investigating and intervening in pirate and smuggler activity, and dogging a phantom ship that freighter captains have been telling stories about. Let’s solve that mystery!

The Avenger is a Defiant-class starship with a small crew, ideal for storytelling. Our adventures take place in the year 2399 (contemporary with the Star Trek: Picard television series). One episode we may be escorting a high-ranking ambassador on a dangerous mission inside Romulan space and the next we may be taking a fight to marauding pirates. If you’re interested, give our roster a look for open positions.

The Game

USS Avenger
Starfleet (2390s)
Age Rating
General (13+)

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Paul Gordon

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Missy Page

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