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IKS Qu'anr






Starfleet (2390s)

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Cap't Tannhauser of the Qu'AnR


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General (13+)

Out of character:
The concept is based on several DS9 storylines:

First – Involving Gul Dukat and a captured Klingon Bird-of-Prey; DS9:”Return to Grace”. Dukat then used the ship to carry out raids on the Klingons with great success.
Second – In a similar manner Sisko used a captured Jem’Hadar fighter to raid the Dominion; DS9: “The Ship” and DS9 “A time to stand”
Third – The surgical alteration of DS9 personnel to infiltrate the Klingon Empire by becoming Klingons DS9: “Apocalypse Rising”

In Character:
In the late 2380s the Sovereignty of Kahless, a Klingon fundamentalist insurgency started open revolt against the Klingon Empire and actively supported the Gorn attacks on Starfleet’s Xavier Fleet Yards.

In 2391 “Operation Gatecrasher” a joint action between Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force defeated the insurgency and drove the remnants of the Sovereignty to retreat to the Throne World of the House of Mo’Kai, a renegade Klingon house and leaders within the Sovereignty.

Over the last ten years the House of Mo’Kai has steadily rebuilt its forces and continues to agitate for expansion of the Empire and the conquest of enemy space, including the Federation.

As such Starfleet has determined the House of Mo’Kai and its growing number of followers pose a grave threat to the security of the Federation.

Due to the political situation within the Klingon Empire, honor dictates that the leadership cannot openly accept help from the Federation in combating the Mo’Kai. to do so would make them appear weak and such an action would likely rally more support for the renegades.

Into this situation comes The Consortium an alliance of wealthy commercial interests, on both sides of the border, they offer Starfleet Intelligence and the Klingons an option outside of official channels.

A secret operation is designed, to replicate Gull Dukat’s clandestine fight against the Klingons during the Dominion War by using a B’rel class Bird of Prey to carry out raids and intelligence missions against the Mo’Kai.

In order to ensure complete deniability The Consortium will assemble a team of civilians, disgraced, dishonored, retired or rejected personnel to crew the Bird of Prey.

SFI searches for suitable personnel, finding some candidates amongst serving Fleet Officers. These are required to be disgraced and dishonorably discharged, leaving no trail back to link Starfleet to the operation.

Others are civilians, found in Rehabilitation colonies, in bars and dives across the sector, or involved in criminal activities.

They will create a team of pirates, “Corsairs” to raid and disrupt Mo’Kai operations.

The operation is approved but Fleet and Task Force command are extremely wary and along with the need for totally secrecy, only minimum support is provided.

An aged and battered B’rel is acquired, given minimal upgrades and prepared for battle.

The ship is nicknamed the “Qu’AnR” in honor of famous pirate Edward Teach, AKA “Blackbeard” and his ship the “Queen Anne’s Revenge

With a couple of weeks training this ragtag group, the Corsairs, is sent off to battle the House of Mo’Kai in their own backyard…