IKS VaQbach


la' Kretorg
Commanding Officer

Kretorg, a human/Klingon hybrid had been involved with Federation and KDF joint operations since the Dominion war. Originally trained as a Diplomat, he later received training in Intelligence gathering and proved himself trustworthy to both Starfleet and in the Klingon Empire. After he was wrongly arrested, on his way to Earth, he was intercepted by intelligence for another mission. He became the mission adviser on a Klingon ship with crew from both Starfleet and KDF which served as a flagship for the alliance between the two powers. Later they upgraded to a Negh'Var class battle cruiser, which was sent to the Beta Quadrant. The ship and its crew were flung into the DQ through an unknown technology. With the previous captain among those who died, Kre has to take the lead.

Played by Kraytavi

Sogh Partha Bosatva

Partha is a Dahar master, and last chance for his house to return to glory. The Dominion war sundered his house, and he had dedicated his life to spiritual pursuits when the Sons of Kang reared their head. His efforts to destroy their operation saw their house restored. Partha is very old for a Klingon, but in great shape. He seeks to have his house restored to Great status by earning it in battle.

Played by OzzyMan

lagh Anslo Tol
Mission Adviser

His background was infantry servie after a rushed Starfleet basic training during the Dominion war and established himself with honor. Anslo came to the VaqBach with little to offer but a warriors service, a medical degree and the ancient wisdom of his symbiote. He remade himself into the right hand of the fearsome Kretorg of Torath, a counselor to his ear that did his bidding when it required the delicate touch. Anslo is protected by the ship and the position, but is hunted by men who would take his Tol Symbiote and leave him to die.

Played by Starstruck1177

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Soghla' Koth
Chief Navigator

Played by CorvusZephyr

beq Gurn

Gurn is a big guy, his size is a problem in most situations. His higher functions need some fine tuning, but he knows how to fight like a Klingon. Being triple the strength of any Klingon anywhere, he is an excellent sparring partner, drinking buddy, and adequate bodyguard.

Played by OzzyMan

Crewman Harva

Harva is an EMH mark 1 that was donated to Klingon ships as a form of getting rid of "defunct" Mk. 1 EMH. Harva is a tracked commodity nonetheless, and was assigned to the VaqBach for its long range mission. The Vaq Bach has a very large medical facility, and several off sites for emergency visits to far off corners, but Harva doesn't get out much. The Klingons on board largely treat him like a console without buttons and shout orders at them.

Played by Starstruck1177

Open Positions

  1. KDF Chief Operations Officer
  2. Ass. Chief Security Officer Starfleet
  3. Starfleet or KDF Ass. Chief Operations Officer
  4. KDF Chief Engineering Officer
  5. Starfleet/KDF Chief Science Officer
  6. Chief counselor (if you are up for it)
  7. Starfleet Chief Intelligence Officer
  8. KDF Chief Intelligence Officer
  9. Chief Diplomat (SF and/or KDF)
  10. Chef (Klingon and/or Starfleet


started March 15, 2020

Thrown into the Nekrit Expanse in the Delta Quadrant, the IKS VaQbach is adrift in an unknown region of space. Many crew died, and the survivors, some being injured, must now take on positions that opened up. First order of business is to figure out who survived, what the damage to the ship is, and where they are. OCC: Characters applying for a position must assume they were on the ship, either as being in that position or will have to step up to the position. Imagine the possibilities...