USS Hyperion



“They were Romulans, Captain. They would have happily let us burn.” The women practically sneered.

Anna had to take a deep breath in order to keep herself from ripping the vice admiral rank bar right off the women’s tunic. “They asked for our help! They were mothers and fathers and children and artists and poets and doctors. They were people who deserved to live and fulfill their destinies! Who are we to sit here and play God? Who the hell gave us the right to decide who lives and who dies? Without them we’d all be at the bottom of a pit, Jem’Hadar disruptor burns on the backs of our heads. We are the Federation, we explore and reach out and we protect those who need protecting. Instead we cowered in the corner, stuck our fingers in ears and let billions die!”

The admiral’s eye narrowed, her tone taking on a threatening edge. “We are the Federation! We damn well have the right to do as we please; without us the galaxy would burn! Don’t you dare lecture me with your idealist drivel. I live in the real world; if you value that shiny Sovereign class ship of yours, you’ll learn to cut the sanctimony and do as you’re told.

Anna leaned forward and place her hands on the desk. “Or what? You’ll drive me out like Picard and the others? I’m not afraid of you, Andrea. Unless you want everyone to know who sabotaged the Hyperion’s slipstream drive you will leave me and my crew alone. If you do anything against my crew, there will be hell to pay. No matter what, by the time my crew and I are done, Starfleet will be whole again. You are your kind will be but but a bump in history; I know what lies at the heart of the Federation and it sure as hell isn’t your twisted views.

The year is 2388 and the Federation is in turmoil. After the attack on Mars and the political turmoil after the destruction of Romulus, Starfleet is at a crossroads and the Alpha Quadrant seems ready to split apart as the galaxy mourns its dead. With a new crew, the newly overhauled Hyperion sets out to find its place in universe.



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Captain Anna Caldwell
Commanding Officer

Assigned as Captain of the Hyperion in early 2390 Anna has served Starfleet for more than 25 years. In the aftermath of the attack on Mars and the Federations recent changes, she is torn between duty and the memory of the Starfleet she joined. She tends to be idealistic, sometimes to a fault, but is a strong believer in the core ideals and of the Federation. Having captained the Intrepid class USS Iowa for almost a decade, she is experienced at the sitting in the captain's chair and running a ship. Her new assignment on a ship of the line with it's role of being a 'hand' of the Federation and being sent to spots where Starfleet wants to make a statement stands in stark contrast her time on the Iowa as deep space exploratory vessel but she is ready to face the challenge.

Played by Chris

Open Positions

  1. Executive Officer
  2. Chief Flight Control Officer
  3. Chief Operations Officer
  4. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  5. Chief Science Officer
  6. Chief Medical Officer
  7. Chief Engineering Officer