Starbase 38


Rear Admiral Thomas Belvedere
Commanding Officer

Assiduous and conservative, Belvedere always considers every option before making a decision and is a certified workaholic. While he is very dedicated to the Federation's ideals, he is not one to allow that to get in the way of his own personal advancement.

Played by David

Captain Kudred Valyn
Executive Officer

A philosopher and tactician at heart, the reserved and polite Kudred embodies many of the traits common to his two progenitor races. Harbouring strongly-ingrained views on the conduct of law and order, he is a committed Starfleet officer with heartfelt beliefs and a deep-set dedication to the Federation's ideals and the belief in the rights of the individual. A contemplative character, Kudred is nevertheless fascinated by the anthropology of the galaxy's cultures and races, and his sense of exploration has been awoken by the opportunities afforded by the Delta Exploration Initiative.

Played by Christopher

Vice Admiral Jonathan Knox
Commander, Task Force 38

Reserved and polite, Knox is the model of a Starfleet admiral. After spending nearly twenty years commanding starships, he reluctantly accepted promotion and has a reputation for being down-to-earth, practical, and concerned chiefly with the welfare of the people under his command.

Played by David

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Lieutenant Commander Gedan Demar
Chief Science Officer

Played by Chris

Captain John McBride
Chief Strategic Operations Officer

On the surface, John McBride appears gruff, rude and intolerant - an image he intentionally cultivates. Underneath this exterior, he actually cares deeply for those that he is close to. He despises unprofessional people, those he considers incompetent, and the majority of Starfleet flag officers (a great number of who fall into both of the first two categories, in McBride's opinion). In short, McBride would describe himself as unable to suffer fools gladly.

He has a tendency to look upon those that he works with - especially his younger colleagues - as his students - in many ways continuing his former occupation as teacher and mentor. These individuals will benefit from McBride's experience, intelligence, wisdom and wit - but will also suffer his disappointment, sharp tongue and annoyance

Played by Mark

Lieutenant James Harrison
Chief Security Officer

Played by hutson1701A

Captain Nathan Cowell
Chief Medical Officer

Played by jonileth

Commander Jared Garret
Chief Engineering Officer

Jared is the Chief Engineering Officer on Starbase 38. Agreeing to return to service when his Husband was offered a position on Starbase 38. Having become disillusioned with the current Federation leadership he felt it was a good time to move away from Earth.

Played by reecesavage

Lieutenant Austin Carver

Carver is gregarious and outgoing, with a personality that instantly puts other people at ease. He is in phenomenally good shape and likes to use physical exercise as a counseling technique, especially sports.

Played by David

Lieutenant Commander Jack van Dorland
Third Engineer

Jack van Dorland is a skilled engineer who has spent time both on starships and as a researcher; his primary specialty is matter/energy systems, so he could rewire a replicator or transporter in his sleep. He tends to be shy around people he doesn't know but is easily excitable when it comes to technical matters.

Played by David

Lieutenant Commander Stephanie Lawrence
Commanding Officer's Aide-de-Camp

Lawrence is Admiral Belvedere's loyal aide-de-camp and is primarily responsible for his personal logistics, such as scheduling, meals, transportation, etc. She is fiercely intelligent and unafraid to stand up for herself.

Played by David

Ensign Mehra
Executive Officer's Yeoman

One of the first Barzans to enter Starfleet, Mehra is an outgoing individual, keen to please and with an explorer's heart at her core. She has a quietly academic and studious mind, but is quick to make friends, with an approachable, if sometimes intense, personality.

Played by Christopher