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Guardian Station







Command Staff

Commanding Officer

Rear Admiral Thomas Belvedere

Executive Officer

Captain Marcus Bancroft


Task Force

Fleet Operations

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Forward Support Group









Mature (16+)

One of the most important stations in the Federation, Guardian Station watches over the only known route directly from Federation space to the Delta Quadrant. It is the largest Federation installation in the trailing coreward quarter of the Federation space, making it an important instrument of Federation policy in the Alpha Quadrant. Home to Task Force 9, the Guardians of the Gate, it serves both to monitor traffic to and from the Delta Quadrant and to protect Federation territory along the Breen, Kzinti, Tzenkethi, and Ferengi borders.

Guardian Station is the last waystation for all ships headed off to the most distant frontiers, the last reminder of all of the Federation stands for and is capable of before they pass into deep space. Are you ready to join us in helping see them off on their adventures?

Guardian Station is the first impression for the many races of the Delta Quadrant who come through to learn more about the Federation, a beacon of the diverse, tolerant, multicultural society that the Federation is. Are you ready to join us in welcoming them?

Guardian Station is the home of thousands of Federation civilians, eager to help the newly-joined Barzan people acclimate to life in the Federation, a home on the frontier for the families exploratory crews must leave behind. Are you ready to join us in keeping them safe?

Guadrian Station is Starfleet’s main bastion against Breen aggression and a beacon of hope for neutral worlds long felt abandoned by their neighbors. Are you ready to join us in shoring up the Federation’s borders?

Guardian Station is a proud member of Bravo Fleet and is the headquarters of Task Force 9.

Guardian Station is a GLTBQ-friendly and a GLBTQ-run writing group. We are rated 222 on the RPG Rating scale, which equates to approximately 16+.

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