USS Apollo

It’s 2399, Starfleet has managed to partially stabilize the long-thought useless Barzan Wormhole and has re-deployed Task Force 38 to the Delta Quadrant, to renew exploratory efforts in the area almost 30 years after the starship Voyager first arrived in the Ocampa system. A Rhode Island-class frigate, the USS Apollo has been tasked with re-establishing contact with a number of races in an area the Federation is now calling the Nacene Reach, which includes areas of space inhabited by the Vidiians, Talaxians, Ocampa, and Kazon.

Designed to function as much as a writing club as a roleplaying game, Apollo is meant to be an atmosphere where writers can come together over their shared love of Star Trek and challenge each other to write stories that are both entertaining to write and to read. This group values diversity (in all its forms) and strives for literary excellence. Whether you’re an experienced role-player, an experienced writer, or a novice to either, we would love to have you join us on our odyssey.


Captain Sean Gaudain
Commanding Officer

Originally trained as a pilot, Gaudain is cocky and self-assured. He's used to getting his way and isn't particularly a favorite of Starfleet Command for his tendency to skirt regulations--if not ignore them entirely. He is a veteran of the relief efforts surrounding the Hobus disaster and is an aggressive, confident tactician that is primarily concerned with the safety of his ship and crew.

Played by David

Commander Cal Everett
Executive Officer

Cal Everett currently serves aboard the USS Apollo as Executive Officer. They have nearly twenty three years of experience in Starfleet, in both the medical and science professions.

Played by panic.everett

Commander Roy Tanner
Chief Engineering Officer

Roy Tanner is a career engineer, first enlisting as a Crewman Recruit almost 50 years ago. Over a long and distinguished career, Tanner served on numerous starships, fought in and survived several battles and skirmishes (including the Battle of Wolf 359), transferred from enlisted rating to commissioned officer status, got married (and divorced) on four separate occasions, became a father seven times over and became an acknowledged expert on the engineering systems of the Rhode Island class after serving as Assistant Chief Engineering Officer and then Chief Engineering Officer aboard the lead ship of the class for almost ten years.

Played by Mark

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kimberly Wilson
Chief Operations Officer

Kimberly Sarah Wilson is a 25-year-old operations officer who enjoys podcasting, traveling and watching Federation News Network videos.

She is exciting and lovable, but can also be very boring and a bit sneaky.

Kimberly is a bit reserved, she has a loving heart. A drive to excel at work.

She feels that she needs to constantly prove herself. And hopes one day, she will find true love.

Played by JL Galloway

Lieutenant Kaden Thiesman
Chief Flight Control Officer

Kaden is currently the Chief Flight Control Officer. He was born and raised on Earth and claims he always knew he wanted to fly.

Played by Sammi

Lieutenant Commander Rosheen Hughes
Chief Medical Officer

Róisín (Anglicized Rosheen) was born on Starbase 56, and it didn't take her long to figure out that she enjoyed dissecting things. Rather than discourage the practice, her parents found more things for her to eviscerate. When she was old enough to attend pre-med school, her mother flew with her to Earth. Her first assignment was as as Nurse on the USS Budapest. After graduating from Starfleet Medical, she was assigned to the USS Pelican as Assistant Medical Officer. After eleven years, she wanted a change of pace.

Played by GCaly

Lieutenant Commander T'Laruk
Ship's Counselor

T'Laruk was born on his father's home planet of Betazed, and lived there with his parents until he was twelve, when his mother returned to Vulcan with him to further his education.
He graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy in three fields: quantum mechanics, psychiatry, and psychology.
His first assignment was as an Engineer on the USS Budapest, where he served until the Battle of Sector 001.
He then served on the USS Pelican, the USS Malbolge, and again on the USS Pelican, under Captains Selma, Selma, and Renault, respectively.
Feeling that he would be a good fit for the position of Ship's Counselor on a ship going to the Delta Quadrant, he put his name in the hat, with recommendations from both Captain Selma and the new Captain of the Pelican, Captain Renault.

Played by Yzjdriel

Lieutenant Emilia Balan
Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Balan is an intelligence officer attached to the USS Apollo. With a background in the Nacene Reach, strong empathic abilities, and a knack for alien cultures, she supports the Apollo's mission of exploration, helping the crew navigate interactions with alien species as they travel through unknown territory, engage in first contact, and visit strange alien worlds.

Played by JonM

Ensign T'Mol
Head Nurse

T'Mol is a fairly newly minted ensign. He spent much of his time serving at the Vulcan Science Academy studying exobiology and psychology. He eventually enrolled in Starfleet as a medical officer, but enjoying the more administrative side of medicine, he decided to become a nurse in Starfleet. He has a dry sense of humor and is usually intolerant of humans ' obsession with human values and culture.

Played by

Lieutenant Junior Grade Charlotte 'Charlie' Caspian

Caspian is completely devoted to her role and is always the consummate professional whilst on duty, although her firebrand personality is still there in reserve for off-duty moments. She is the life and soul of a party whenever she socialises and her friends are consistently amazed by her capacity for alcoholic beverages – and the fact that she never seems to suffer a hangover the following day.
She has a great many friends and acquaintances but sometimes wonders to herself how strong those friendships really are – would they be there for her if she really needed them or whether people just like to be associated with the ‘party girl to be seen with’.

Played by Mark

Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Pom
Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Played by Glenn

Ensign Theo McDonnell

Ensign Theo McDonnell is a 22-year old Freshly graduated Nurse, currently serving on the Federation starship USS Arcturus.

The only child of Arturi and Heather McDonnell, Theo was born on July 6th 2377 at the Medara University Hospital on Betazed. His late father was a professor of Medicine at the university and his mother is a Starfleet officer, currently serving as Commanding Officer of the USS Cherry Blossom. Theo's decision to follow his mother in Starfleet led to an acrimonious rift with his father who had hoped he would follow him into a life of academic study. This rift was, unfortunately, not mended by the time that his father passed away in November 2389.

Played by jm80752