USS Asger

Fast. Powerful. Agile. The USS Asger is Bravo Fleet‘s first response in the Galactic South. Designed to facilitate diplomatic, scientific, and medical emergencies, she’s the best choice for almost any situation that needs an immediate response. Crewed by some of Starfleet’s best and brightest, she is the light in the darkness, the hope in the midst of dispair.

The USS Asger is a heavily modified Norway-class vessel that has been specially outfitted to operate as a first response vessel. She has a reinforced hull and bulkhead structure, and has improved weapons systems and warp capabilities. Her cargo bays have been refitted to serve as science labs or triage areas for medical services.

Pirates, diplomatic break down, medical emergency, or emergent exploration opertunity the USS Asger is ready to respond. She’s ready for anything… are you?


Commander Keith Anderson
Commanding Officer

Keith was born and raised in rural Alberta, with a passion for the stars, exploration, and diplomacy. He joined Starfleet right out of Highschool and never looked back. Now, ten years into his career, Keith has been chosen to command the USS Asger, an enhanced Norway-class cruiser with a multi-purpose focus on rapid response. Keith is beyond excited for the chance to make a difference in the galaxy, and to have the center chair.

Played by Marcel

Lieutenant Commander Sebell Briggs
Executive Officer

Sebell is a striking young woman with a bounce to her step and the hint of a grin on her face at all times. She completely overturns the typical expectations of even a half vulcan, embracing instead her human side fully and running with it.

Played by violetsalvati

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Lieutenant Vic
Chief Security Officer

Played by aparry

Lieutenant Valeria Mordin
Chief Operations Officer

Brought into Starfleet through an ambitious officer exchange program, Valeria's thirst for knowledge landed her in several departments. Previously attached to a Science division, currently she is serving as the Operations Chief of the Asger.

Played by CorCordale

Lieutenant Junior Grade S'vec
Assistant Chief Science Officer

Played by Oliver

Lieutenant Commander R'Tan
Chief Intelligence Officer

Played by statik367

Lieutenant Paul Alasia
Chief Diplomatic Officer

Wakeham - who generally goes by his middle name, Paul - is a gregarious soul: quick to laugh, and self-effacing with a somewhat blue sense of humor. Paul is loud and demonstrative, though this is often for comic effect.

An academic by training, Paul nonetheless prides himself on his practical outlook. Unlike some of his academic colleagues, Paul has no interest in talking around those with less schooling. The unifying philosophy of his life and his studies is belief in the efficiency and dignity afforded to people by democracy.

Played by PaulAlasia

Civilian Sonny
Bartender (Holographic)

Played by statik367

Civilian Hare-Jeycid
Civilian Passenger

Hare-Jeycid is an Orion orphan, Ward of the United Federation of Planets, and is currently living with adoptive guardians Bryah and Kione Gray aboard the USS Asger.

Played by KyleB

Civilian Drall Son of Huggak
Civilian Passenger

Played by statik367

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Chief Medical Officer