USS Arcturus


Fleet Captain Elizabeth Hayden
Commanding Officer & Commander, Task Group 38.2

One of the most experienced and decorated commanding officers of her generation, Hayden is an accomplished diplomat and explorer. Formerly a scientist, she has been in the center seat of explorer-type starships for over 20 years. Reserved and contemplative, she prefers to let her officers speak before making her decisions, but when she has made up her mind she communicates this with an authority that few would dare question.

Played by David

Captain Michael Lancaster
Executive Officer

Captain Michael Lancaster is an experienced operations officer and engineer. He is brilliant but acerbic. To him success means perfection, both from himself and his subordinates, and he is the very model of a tyrannical martinet in his reverence for rules and protocol.

Played by David

Captain Akintoye Okusanya
Second Officer & Chief Engineering Officer

Captain Akintoye Okusanya is the Chief Engineering Officer of the starship Arcturus. She previously supervised this Odyssey-class ship's construction at Epsilon Indi Station, and has decades of experience as both a starship engineering officer and running larger-scale projects for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. She considers the ship's engines to be an extension of her being and takes extreme pride in her work, to the point of considering herself the most important aboard the ship.

Played by David

Lieutenant Commander Luca Sheppard
Medical Officer

A former nurse, Sheppard completed his medical degree and residency shortly before the Arcturus left on her mission. Personable and popular, Sheppard has a way of disarming difficult situations and making everyone around him feel comfortable and appreciated. His strength as a doctor is his bedside manner, and he is adept at general medicine, though he has yet to acquire a formal specialization in a particular medical field.

Played by David