USS Newton

The USS Newton is an Olympic Class refit tasked with running tests and answering questions for the Federation while threading through the dangerous Delta quadrant. By and far, it is not your typical ship. The captain is untried and scuttlebutt largely says her skills come into question with her superiors. The crew is odd. Their means and methods are a bit.. outlandish at times. But still.. they get the job done.


Commander Diana Reisz

Diana is a woman still discovering her own strengths. She's used to being the underdog and having to think faster, work harder, push farther because of it to get what she wants or needs.

Played by violetsalvati

Lieutenant Charlie West
Executive Officer

Charlie is a Midwestern boy with roots in Canada, and a natural born mechanic and engineer. Growing up on his family's farm, he started working with his father at an early age learning to fix the machines there. It wasn't long before he'd developed a passion that would drive him through his years in Starfleet. Recently offered the opportunity to serve about the USS Newton, Charlie jumped at the chance to be on the cutting edge of new science and to help develop the next wave of Starfleet tech.

Played by Marcel

Lieutenant Ezrik Kaz
Chief Security Officer

Played by Nate

Open Positions

  1. Chief Operations Officer