USS Pioneer

The year is 2371. An Intrepid-class starship is sent to hunt down a group of Maquis in the Badlands, only for both ships to find themselves abducted by a mysterious alien called ‘the Caretaker’ and flung 70,000 light-years away. On the far side of the galaxy, in the total unknown, both crews must work together to find their way home. Welcome to the mission of the USS… Pioneer.

A journey home – with limited resources, limited friends, and with Federation principles looking further away with each passing day. A split crew – Maquis eager to return to the Alpha Quadrant, but less eager to wear Starfleet uniforms or follow Starfleet rules. Kazon, Vidiians, Talaxians – unfamiliar species in this unfamiliar Delta Quadrant, some friend, some foe, some… in between.

Pioneer is a retelling of the Voyager story; in this alternate universe, the show has never happened. The challenges are the same, but reimagined and retold with new characters and new situations. Some storytelling choices of Star Trek: Voyager are retained; others, reinterpreted to suit our needs. While this game intends to tackle concepts Voyager left under-addressed, with more emphasis on moral challenges, internal conflict, and the difficulties of limited resources in a hostile region, the story above all remains one of hope and rising above in the traditional Star Trek spirit.


Lieutenant Commander Edmund Hawthorne
Acting Commanding Officer

Edmund Hawthorne has enjoyed a successful career as a starship engineer and designer, involved closely in the final development and construction of the Intrepid-class. This led to his assignment as Chief Engineer of the USS Pioneer, though Command has anticipated him to move long-term into starship design and away from front-line service. As such, while nobody had anticipated the disaster that has stranded the USS Pioneer 70,000 light years away in the Delta Quadrant, if possible even fewer anticipated the disaster would lead to this young and brilliant engineer with little noted leadership talent or experience being forced to take command.

Played by LadyBlue

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Commander Lorato Carter
Acting Executive Officer

A tall black woman, dashing and roguish. She has a habit of wearing a cloak or cape.

Played by Tia


started December 8, 2019

When pursuing a Maquis ship into the Badlands, the USS Pioneer is hit by a strange energy wave. With many dead and their systems damaged, the crew must scramble to figure out what's happened - and where they are - and how will they survive and get home?