USS Constitution

The USS Constitution is a Century-class starship assigned to investigate the entries held within the vast repository of knowledge within the Reliquary.

The Constitution is a solo-written fiction that is completely integrated into the BFMS. All episodes will be written on Google Docs, and formatted and posted on this page. Check back regularly for fictional updates! The Constitution is completely dedicated to advancing the Reliquary storyline in a format meant for others to read and enjoy.


Captain Elizabeth Ashcroft
Commanding Officer

Captain Elizabeth Ashcroft is a Federation Starfleet officer and the commanding officer of the Federation starship Yorktown. A hard-nosed, confident and determined officer, Elizabeth obtained command of the Yorktown following several years as the ships first officer. Previously, she had served many years in the Judge Advocate General's office, then a year-long assignment as adjutant to Admiral Reytan Grax during his tenure as commander of the Fourth Fleet.

Played by teylasramar

Commander Shadya Rahal
Executive Officer

Commander Shadya Rahal is the first officer of the USS Constitution. Formally a geologist, she also has an extensive background in the command track. These two skills earned her a spot as the handpicked first officer of the Constitution.

Played by teylasramar


Episode One: "Power"
started August 20, 2019

The Constitution is sent on its first exploratory investigative mission from the Reliquary; Old Ironsides is tasked with exploring database mentions of an almost limitless power generator in a solar system unmapped by Starfleet. The Constitution arrives but finds something that up until then was believed to be an astronomical impossibility by all the best understandings of Federation sciences.