Union of Alpha Zeconis

The Union of Alpha Zeconis was created in the aftermath of the Earth-Romulan War, which gave several thousand slaves and prisoners of war in a revolt on the edge of Romulan Space.

Since it’s formation in the Beta Quadrant, the small power has worked to enforce its borders from raiders and slavers who sought to return them to the Romulan Empire. As a result of this repeated attacks, the Union is a staunch supporter of personal freedom and allowing its people to follow their own paths.

Since making contact with the United Federation of Planets, the Union has chosen not to join the Federation, instead it seeks a strong alliance with the Federation.

The Union is a unitary parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy, led by the current King Julian IX and the First Minister who serves as the head of state and government, respectively.


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Julian IX
The King of the Union

Julian IX (Julian Alexander William Calder; born 30 September 2357) is the current King of the Union of Alpha Zeconis.

Julian was born in Lochmere as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Faybeach, later King-Consort Vrabun and Queen Kathrynne X, and he was educated in the public school system. His mother acceded to the throne on following the death of her brother King Alexander VI in 2376, from which time he was the heir apparent . He began to undertake public duties during the Dominion War, serving in the Home Guard before transferring to the High Guard in 2375. In 2347, he married Princess Sunith, daughter of the Federation Ambassador to Alpha Zeconis.

Julian rose to become the King of the Union of Alpha Zeconis when his mother was assassinated in September 2382.

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Civilian James Nickles
Senior Chamberlain of Alpha Zeconis

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Open Positions

  1. Senior Steward of Alpha Zeconis
  2. Marshal of Alpha Zeconis
  3. Speaker for the Peers
  4. Speaker for the People
  5. First Minister of Alpha Zeconis