USS Endeavour

Endeavour is a solo-written fiction focusing on upheaval in a previously-peaceful region of the Federation. With major incidents across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants calling upon Starfleet’s resources, a criminal enterprise has taken root in the Minos Sector, overlooked until a confrontation with the USS Endeavour leads to the deaths of several officers. Rapidly assigned new senior staff and a reluctant new commanding officer, Endeavour is sent back to bring the culprits to justice, and find the truth of this crisis.

Posted on the fanfiction site Archive of Our Own, Endeavour is written to contribute to the ongoing narratives of Task Force 93, especially into the Picard-era, for those who enjoy the wider plotlines of the Fleet.


Commander Matt Rourke
Commanding Officer

Beginning his career in the enlisted ranks, Matt Rourke went on to become a security and tactical officer trained in criminology, criminal psychology, and strategic operations. He has made his name as a leader in Starfleet law enforcement, both on small-team investigations and in a command position on starships dedicated to peacekeeping. In this time he has earned a reputation for straightforward bluntness, though his record includes multiple demonstrations of efficient cunning, and he is known for being as likely to talk his way around trouble as to fly straight through it. His assignment to the USS Endeavour was not without controversy, and the posting of a relatively inexperienced captain such an important cruiser and explorer is expected to be temporary.

Played by LadyBlue


Out for Stars
started November 4, 2019

When a confrontation with a new faction of pirates in the sleepy Minos Sector results in devastation on board the USS Endeavour, including the deaths of key senior staff members, Starfleet Command is forced to scramble a response. The grieving crew of Endeavour find themselves with new staff forced upon them, and new orders to return to the Minos Sector - and find the truth.