USS Saratoga


Commander William Drakno
Commanding Officer

After years of retirement, William returns to Star Fleet after a call for former commanders to return to duty. The war took several good commanding officers
and crews. Now with new ships and cadets to fill the the void, Star Fleet is turning to old veterans that can teach and lead a younger generation of officers
and crews into the next century. Taking over command of one of the newest ships, Captain Drakno must take cadets from the academy and into the fire of
a new frontier with hazards that they have never been trained to handle. Leaning back on years of experience, Drakno must show the crew how to due their
jobs both on the ship and engineering projects that help thous who are in need. It's a risk that even Star Fleet admits will pushing the limits. Can it be done.

Played by Drakno

Open Positions

  1. Executive Officer/Chief of SCE Officer
  2. Chief Operations Officer
  3. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  4. Chief Engineering Officer
  5. Second Officer
  6. Chief Medical Officer