USS Galahad

In 2409, after four years of open warfare, the Federation is slowly losing its fight against the Klingon Empire. As options begin to dwindle, Starfleet starts to consider contingency plans. One of these contingencies is Project Somnambulis, which is conducting a search for a group of millennia-old artifacts that could possibly be used as a weapon against the Klingon Empire… or any future aggressors.

The U.S.S. Galahad NCC-78021-A — a newly constructed Gagarin-class battlecruiser originally intended to bolster Starfleet’s complement of combat ships — is assigned to Project Somnambulis to aid in its search for the artifacts. Equipped with a cyclical quantum slipstream drive, the Gagarin cruisers were designed to be quickly deployed to the frontlines, making them among the fastest ships in the fleet. Coupled with the class’s impressive armament, this makes the Galahad the ideal ship to carry out Project Somnambulis’s mandate in far flung, dangerous corners of the galaxy where other ships are unsuitable.


Captain Vannon Dacour
Commanding Officer

Commander Vannon Dacour is the commanding officer of the USS Galahad NCC-78021, an Akira-class starship commissioned in 2374 during the Dominion War. He took command of the Galahad following the promotion and transfer of Captain Manon Kidjo to the USS Zheng He.

Dacour majored in Flight Control while at Starfleet Academy and attended the Starfleet Command School following his graduation. Prior to the Galahad, he served on the USS Constantinople as Chief Flight Control Officer, and at the Federation Embassy on Bajor as Starfleet Liaison Officer.

Played by Bren