USS Armstrong

Assigned to the Raeyan Sector, an area of Federation controlled space far from the peace of Earth and Sector 001, the USS Armstrong is a part of 4th Fleet’s Task Force 93.

Its three fold mission includes:

+ Patrolling the Klingon Border along the rebellious Sovereignty of Kahless.
+ Securing Federation interests in the Raeyan Sector after Starfleet pulled out of the area three years ago.
+ Keeping the peace in an area where lawlessness and piracy once reigned supreme.

The USS Armstrong is named after an Earth Astronaut, Neil Armstrong, the first human to set foot on Earth’s moon – one of the critical events that eventually led Humans to explore the stars and help found the United Federation of Planets. Its crew, diverse in culture and experience, strives to live up to the ideals of those first men and woman who looked to the stars and were not afraid to seek out new life, new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has been before.


Captain Richard Sterling
Commanding Officer

Richard, or Dick, has recently been put in command of the USS Armstrong, an Intrepid Class vessel that has seen her fair share of war and peace. After serving in various posts associated with Gamma Quadrant exploration after the Dominion War, he has been assigned to duty in the Raeyan Sector, part of Task Force 93's initiative to bring a Federation presence back into an area of space it has written off.

Played by capierno

Lieutenant Commander Cormac O'Hagan
Flight Leader

Lt. Commander Cormac O'Hagan currently serves aboard the USS Armstrong as Flight Leader, under Captain Richard Sterling. Along with him came modifications to the ship, and a fighter squadron under his command. This was to assist in the patrol and engagement in the Raeyan Sector, an area that is largely unstable.

Played by teddyg123

Open Positions

  1. Chief Operations Officer
  2. Chief Medical Officer
  3. Chief Intelligence Officer
  4. Chief Counselor