Battlestar Artemis

The Battlestar Artemis is a holdover from the First Cylon War. One of the first Valkyrie-types put afield, she has spent most of the last 20 years in a storage facility, not quite scrap but not quite fit for service.

That’s all about to change. With the attack on the 12 Colonies, a hastily assembled crew must activate the Artemis and press her into service once more, to defend humanity and the Colonial way of life.


Colonel Celeste Porter
Commanding Officer

Hailing from the colony of Libran, Celeste has had a long and proud history in the study of law, and in service of the Colonies in the Colonial Militia. Having risen through the ranks as a Tactical Officer and Officer of the Deck, then XO of small Battlestars, she understands the finer workings of the Military, and is known for being a capable commander.

Played by QuodEroSpero

Lieutenant Colonel Tyrus Craine
Executive Officer

Tyrus Craine is the current XO of the Battlestar Artemis after being chosen by Colonel Celeste Porter from the survivors of the Cylon attack. Formerly a black ops officer, FTL expert, and XO of the Battlestar Hades, Craine was blacklisted and his career stalled during a black ops/FTL mission gone awry. As a result, he was relegated to logistical duty, by himself, at a mothball yard tending to broken down, unused Colonial ships.

Played by teylasramar

Captain Arthur Theron
Commander, Air Group

Arthur "Lockdown" Theron's career has been tumultuous, to say the least. From humble origins on Leonis, he rose to become a talented and successful Viper pilot, well-connected in the upper echelons of the Fleet thanks to close friendships and a marriage into an Admiral's family. Following a flight accident in recent years, he has fallen out of favour with these crowds, relegated to a post as CAG on a minor Battlestar - until the Cylon invasion, and the scramble for crew aboard the Battlestar Artemis.

Played by LadyBlue

Major Hamilton Stockwell
Helm Control Officer

Played by capierno