Four years has gone by, and Stargate Command has not heard back from the Destiny Expedition. The war with the Lucian Alliance is over. The war with the Wraith continues on.

The IOA is still reluctant to send support to the war efforts. They want to refocus their efforts on the lost expedition. The Destiny crew was suppose to wake up from their slumber in 2014.

Brigadier General Samantha Carter, who is now in command over Stargate Command, orders Colonel Ross to lead recovery team through the Stargate.

IOA scientist suspect that the Destiny fell a little short of reaching the other galaxy. Since 2009 the scientist at Area 51, have been working on ways and with the help of Doctor McKay and Doctor Zelenka, have figured out how to dial the ninth chevron, without making a planet implode after the gate is activated.

Fearing the loss of power, Colonel Ross team will be small, and they will be given a puddle jumper, to enter the Destiny, and use a couple enhanced naquadria generators to power the secondary computer cores, to figure out what happened to the Destiny, and report back to Stargate Command, by means of the communications stone.

When Colonel Ross team attempts to open the ninth chevron, they are unsuccessful. Doctor McKay finds a work around in the coding, thanks to the ancient database and establish a lock.

The puddle jumper goes through the gate. At first the crew is not sure where they are, when they come through the gateway. The room where the Gateway is suppose to be housed, is different.

After a short exploration, Colonel Ross team discovers they are on a seed ship. Which is fully operational. His team manages to access the bridge, the ship is fully automated. They attempt to access the whereabouts of the Destiny.

According to the seed ship, the Destiny is still between galaxies, but really close to a galaxy. They are at the edge of the galaxy. They are drifting into the galaxy. The seedship does not know the current state of affairs for the Destiny.

Colonel Ross team access the communication stone, and report in that they are on a seed ship and not the Destiny. Doctor McKay believes that a fail safe in the programing of Destiny mission, forwarded them to the seed ship. He speculates this happened as a back up, incase Destiny was compromised, they can continue Destiny’s mission on a seed ship.

Be part of the adventure, join Colonel Ross and his team as they discover the fate of the Destiny, and the mission of the seed ship.