SS Warden


Civilian Walter Jones

Walter is a bit scruffy looking and looks more like someone you would find face down at a bar in some god forsaken trading post then Captain of a ship or fixing delicate machinery and warp cores. His face looks world weary but when you start talking about engines or plasma manifolds a certain sparkle lights up in his eyes.

Played by aldovar

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Civilian Jan

Played by CapricePPV

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Captain Langar Tarn

Langar Tarn is a tall, well built Bajoran male, physically fit and athletic. He has gray-blue eyes, crew cut brown hair and chiseled features. He has clearly defined nose ridges and wears a Bajoran earring in his right ear.

Large tattoo of a Bajoran Python on his left arm and shoulder, which partially covers up the Romulan Penal Barcode.

Tarn has a deep and spiritual faith in the Prophets of the Celestial Temple located within the Bajoran Wormhole. The conventional non-Bajoran understanding of the Prophets, as an advanced alien non-corporal species, does not diminish his belief. This faith has sustained him throughout his life, it is a source of encouragement and inspiration.

Played by THX1188

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Dr Pass

Slightly overweight and disheveled. Could easily have been a public servant. Does not look like he would survive long in the hostile environments of Trader space.

Played by Ro Matlh

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Lottie Ashcroft
Weapons/First Mate

Played by Rosie_Brook