ISS Yamato

ISS Yamato is a ship in a time when the Empire is sitting comfortably on the throne of the galaxy.  No species, possibly even the Borg, could stand up to the might of the Terran Empire and its might Star Navy.  Ruled from Earth, the Empire commands fear and respect from all its subjects and threatens to enslave any who dare come with in a parsec of it.  This is the story of an Empire who was never conquered by the Klingon Cardassian Alliance.  An Empire who was never doomed to fall.  An Empire that was never taken over by Spock and never fell to logic.  Join an Empire of Strength and Power and help to enslave the rest of the galaxy!


Commodore Nathan Russ
Commanding Officer

Nathan Russ graduated from the Terran Fleet Academy and murdered his way skillfully to command of the ISS Yamato. The sister of the ISS Enterprise commanded by Fleet Captain Jean Luc Picard. Born in the Mirror Kelvin Universe Nathan Russ grew up as a Terran enjoying the privilege of rank and power especially over the filthy aliens who served under him. His Galaxy class battleship helps to expand and police the large Terran Universe keeping back the Klingon Cardassian alliance and a watchful eye on the sneaky Romulan Star Empire.

Played by Sam