USS Alexandria

The USS Alexandria is a Crossfield Class Science Research Vessel. Unlike the USS Glen and the USS Discovery, she is not equipped with the spore drive system. She designed for scientific research. This sim will be treated like a research vessel, and will coincide with the story arc of the USS Augusta. Both ships will have crew that can interact with one another. The sim year will start off in 2257, just after the Klingon-Federation War. And the Start of Season 2 in the popular television series, Star Trek Discovery.

The Alexandria will be used in the primary focus of being a research vessel, while the USS Augusta is more of an exploration vessel and heavy cruiser. Both ships have impressive weapons power.

The new story arc will see the USS Alexandria heading off to uncharted space, within the Beta Quadrant. My thought was to use the USS Alexandria as a survey and research vessel, they would scan in new areas of space. The scans would be sent to Starfleet command for Starfleet vessels to follow up with.

The Alexandria’s primary role is to survey the Beta Quadrant, and seeing how everything is unknown to them, they would be the best equipped to handle any space anomalies or rifts they may potentially encounter. The crew will be science focused, and since this not a time of war, there will be no section 31 elements to the story arc.

The first shared season story arc, will be apart of Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery, but it will be its own stand alone story arc from the popular television series. This story arc, will be unique to Bravo Fleet and the USS Alexandria and USS Augusta.

This season will launch the official cold war of the Federation and Klingon Empire. Both sides will adhere to the treaty, but neither side at the moment can lay claim to the planets in neutral space. They both have to attempt to win over the population, to joining their side. This will lead to some interesting story writing.

The Cold War between the Federation and Klingon Empire, will be handled similar to the way that Star Trek The Original Series handled it. Mainly through diplomacy. Klingons believe in strength by fear and honor. A conquering society. The Federation have a more peaceful solution. Unlike the Federation, the Klingons will accept any race, even pre warp societies. They will simple eradicated the population, and force them to work for the Empire.

The House of Mogai have threaten to expand their borders, can the Federation Task Force 64, reach out to the key planets in the uncharted space,, and help prevent a shift in balance within the quadrant. Also lurking around the corner, are the Suliban. They have pulled back their borders and protect them at great cost.

The crew of the USS Alexandria need to figure out, how to slow down the Klingon Advancement, and allow the Federation to expand. While they struggle with that dilemma, they also have to struggle with the dilemma that the Klingon Empire will not honor General Order One, and they are openly conquering any worlds they can reach first.


Captain Mateo De León
Commanding Officer

Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance
Height 6 Feet 1 Inch
Weight 150 Pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green

Physical Description

Mateo is 6 feet and 1 inches, he is pretty tall for a hispanic man. Mateo is not the strongest man serving in Starfleet. But he is no slouch. He is in great shape for the age of 40. He has a couple of tattoos but luckily no visible scars.

Spouse Esperanza Miranda Ross-Rodriguez (Deceased)
Children ENS, Miranda Lorraine De León, 22
Father Marcos De León
Mother Heather Martin-De León
Brother(s) Aidan Marcos De León, 35
Sister(s) Sarah Lorraine De León, 32
Other Family Non listed at this time

Played by JL Galloway

Commander Gabbi Moretti
Executive Officer

Gabbi was raised on Earth in Italy. She attended the academy specializing in Engineering, eventually being promoted to Executive Officer and now serves on the USS Akexandria.

Played by Sammi