Hawkeye Island

Originally commissioned as a Marine base, Hawkeye Island previous served as the headquarters of Starfleet Marines in the Raeyan Sector. The base soon expanded and became a shining beacon of hope for the alliance between Raeya and the Federation. The island was donated to the Federation by the Holy Monarch of the Randa Islands, and the base was soon built afterward. Years of discord soon weakened that alliance. Starfleet forces on the surface of the island has expanded to become more than just a specialized Marine Corps base. Starfleet had reduced the base to a mere skeleton crew as a result of the severe anti-Federation presence developed on the planet.

Since Starfleet’s withdrawal from the sector, the power has shifted away from the Starfleet loyalists and the Eternal Light has control of the government. Although the change in control, Starfleet still has loyalists. After years of abandonment, Starfleet has decided to return to the sector to help prevent further chaos. A new commander has been assigned to the base to help improve diplomatic relations with the Raeyans and the Marine Corps have returned. Hawkeye Island is now one of the last Federation and Starfleet outposts in this heavily contested and active area of the Beta Quadrant, the base is under more pressure than ever to keep the sector from falling into complete chaos.


Commander Matthew Alexander
Director of Base Operations

Matthew is the eldest son of Admiral Robert Alexander and Dr. Marcia Alexander. Matthew spent his time traveling across the Federation with his parents. When Matthew was old enough he joined Starfleet as a science officer. He quickly climbed the ranks to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He was assigned as the commanding officer of Hawkeye Island in the Raeyan Sector as part of Starfleet increasing its presence due to resistance in the sector. This new commanding officer was assigned to work with the Marine Company Commander on the base to portray a positive image for Starfleet as it returns to Raeya 3.

Played by CaptainD

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Dira Sherren
Chief Engineering Officer

Sherren is CEO of Hawkeye Island.
Dira is quiet until you get her started. She is a fun loving woman who enjoys her work until you mess up. Understanding till you push her buttons. Loves a good party however won't go overboard.

Played by LKeth

Lieutenant Elodin Devan
Chief Medical Officer

A Bajoran field medic for the Resistance who went on to Starfleet Medical after Bajor's entry into the Federation, Elodin is a devoted healer at heart, and a dedicated officer. A believer in the Prophets, he does not allow his faith to get in the way of his duty. He sees himself as a doctor first, a Bajoran second, and a Starfleet officer third. Like most Bajorans, he harbors a deep hatred of Cardassians.

Played by SamAubrey

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Chief Counselor
  3. Chief Strategic Operations Officer
  4. Chief Science Officer
  5. Chief Diplomatic Officer