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Hawkeye Island




Planetary Base


Starfleet (2390s)

Command Staff

Base Commander

Captain Clay Teller

Executive Officer/Chief of Base Engineering

Lieutenant Commander Dira Sherren


Task Force

Task Force 86

Task Group

Task Group Athos









Mature (16+)

Base Overview

The island of Hawkeye, on the planet Raeya III is one island in the Randa Island archipelago. Leased to the United Federation of Planets in 2376, where Starfleet built a small base upon, and other structures went up quickly around entire island. Measuring roughly 37 km long and 40 km wide with an area of just over 653 square kilometers, Hawkeye is situated in the tropics of Raeya III, and was once the largest Starfleet presence in the area. However, the base was abandoned in 2385, and fourteen years later, Starfleet is returning at the invitation of the Raeyans.

Situated in the tropics on Raeya 3, Hawkeye shares many other geographical similarities with the other Randa Islands, such as a long beach along the western side of the island and many small, fairly shallow, rivers running throughout the landmasses. Jungle takes over in what undeveloped parts there are of Hawkeye, and some wildlife still roams the island. The base itself was originally built to house over 10,000 officers and anywhere from 4,000 to 6,000 civilians. However, Starfleet has only put minimal resources toward reactivating Hawkeye, with estimates that less than half the original compliment of officers will be assigned to the base in the foreseeable future.

Island History

The island was donated by the Sharan family, the richest Raeyans on the planet and owners of most of the Randa Islands and its property. The island was chiefly a nature preserve before the Raeyans offered the Federation to built a base on their planet. In 2376 the Federation built a small base, a cluster of just a handful of buildings, but quickly began building other complexes and hangars throughout the island ranging from science facilities, to a massive hospital and medical offices, to aerospace manufacturing and testing compounds.

The base has a long history in the Starfleet’s Fourth Fleet, and has had many different commanding officers and has been assigned to several task forces over it’s existence so far. Some of the former commanding officer’s include William Coast-Endas, Janice Fultain, Amanda Lee, Dimitri Hunt, Rae Ann Worth, Christopher Johnson, Eric Winters, Leah Katana, and Clay Teller.

In 2399, at the invitation of the Raeyans, Starfleet decided to reactivate Hawkeye Island after a 14 year absence on the planet. Clay Teller was reassigned to the planet to head up repair and restructuring of the base, with limited resources and personnel. The Raeyans are a Federation Protectorate, and the Federation dispatched several diplomats to try and finally bring the Raeyans into the fold as a Federation member world. However, opinion of the Federation has began to sour in a growing percentage of the Raeyan populace, and what use to be a small radical group of anti-Federation Raeyans known at The Eternal Light, has returned stronger than ever before. Between an under-resourced base, an uphill battle to bring the Raeyans into the fold, and the looming threats of The Triangle region, the crew of Hawkeye has their work cut out for them.

Current Events

Starfleet left Hawkeye Island and Raeya III in 2385 in the wake of the destruction of Mars and the subsequent shift of resources. The base was left unoccupied for the last fourteen years. In the wake of the bombing of the Khitomer Conference, Starfleet reinstated Task Force 86 and decided to return to the theatre. Now, personnel must repair and bring back Hawkeye Island- and do so despite protests of the Raeyan people who felt abandoned by the Federation. Hawkeye Island has begun the long process of bringing back the United Federation of Planets’ diplomatic and security presence. There is a long road ahead.


The stories on Hawkeye will take a focus on the tumultuous relationship between the Raeyans and Starfleet. With the planet on the far reaches of Federation space, and a Starfleet that is very understaffed and resourced, managing base repairs and reactivation, and Raeyan relations. Drawing inspiration from the modern state of the franchise, Starfleet is not the perfect, utopian, all serving force it once was. Costly mistakes will be made, and it will be up to the writers here to ensure that Starfleet and the Raeyans are able to rectify and become closer allies than ever before.