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Hawkeye Island




Planetary Base


Starfleet (Ares)

Command Staff

Base Commander

Leah Katana

Deputy Base Commander

Commander Alexander Zandusky


Task Force

Task Force 99

Task Group

Task Group Ares









Mature (16+)

Base Overview

The island of Hawkeye, part of the Randa Islands chain, on the planet Raeya III was donated to the United Federation of Planets in 2376. Measuring roughly 37 km long and 40 km wide with an area of just over 653 square kilometers, a base was built shortly after. The new planetary base gave the Federation the largest single presence of force in the Raeyan Sector and also gave the Raeyans themselves a sense of security, however, there has always been political resistance from some of the local political elite.

Situated in the tropics on Raeya 3, Hawkeye shares many other geographical similarities with the other Randa Islands, such as a long beach along the western side of the island and many small, fairly shallow, rivers running throughout the landmasses. Jungle takes over in what undeveloped parts there are of Hawkeye, and some wildlife still roams the island. The base itself is home to over 50,000 officers and anywhere from 4,000 to 6,000 civilians that work on the base at any given time.

Island History

The island was donated by the Sharan family, the richest Raeyans on the planet and owners of most of the Randa Islands and island property. In 2376 the Federation built a base which was originally an extension for Starfleet Academy. Soon afterward, the base changed roles to be the single biggest Starfleet Marine Corps presense in the sector. Since Raeya III is not a member world, but a Federation Protectorate in the Raeyan Sector, the Federation resides on the planet by privilege.

The base has a long history of being the first planetary base the Fourth Fleet built in the sector and consistently being at the center of sector affairs. Originally built over a small area, the base has since spread out over the entire island. Hawkeye has had many different commanding officers and has been assigned to several task forces over it’s existence so far. Some of the former commanding officer’s include William Coast-Endas, Janice Fultain, Amanda Lee, Dimitri Hunt, and Rae Ann Worth.

During the C’hakilian War the entire Reayan System was occupied by the C’hakilian Empire. In that time, General Dimitri Hunt commanded the base along with the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force. When Federation forces took back the system, including Avalon Fleet Yards, Raeya 3 still remained under C’hakilian control. A coordinated plan to destroy an underwater base through subversive strike craft succeeded in destroying the bulk of the C’hakilian’s hold on the planet. The battle cost nearly 250 Federation lives. The C’hakilians agreed to surrender, with their only hold on the planet being Hawkeye Island. However, they used it as a ruse to ambush Starfleet forces. The C’hakilians were dealt with quickly and driven off the planet in 2379. Since then, rebuilding efforts have continuously been underway and almost no scars, besides any memorials, remain of the invasion. Political resistance is present, but much of it has quieted since the Raeyan population has begun to appreciate what Federation presence offers the planet. One of the most outspoken groups against the Federation is the Eternal Light, a Raeyan terrorist group responsible for a limited number bombings and attacks.

In 2384 the island was split with the creation of a command division under Christopher Johnson and the Marine Corps presence dropped significantly. The 2MEF has left and has been replaced by a new division of marines, named the 1st Raeyan Sector Marines. This new marine division is commanded by Tom Bertlos. These marines serve in more than just combat roles including engineering, flight operations, medical and more.

Current Events
Starfleet left Hawkeye Island and Raeya III in 2386, but decided to return in 2389 to begin to repair and bring back Hawkeye Island despite protests of the Raeyan people. In 2396 years later, Hawkeye Island has been all but restored and Marine’s were coming back to protect Raeya sector from a new threat in the area. The Typhon Pact has been gearing up for what could mean a war.

Only time will tell, come join in the Adventure!