USS Sutherland


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Commander James Tyson
Commanding Officer

James E Tyson has served in Starfleet since 2338 and has commanded a Starship in every single conflict and war since 2353, where he earned the nickname Edward the Repulser. He served also during Tzenkethi/Federation War and during the Klingon/Federation war and finally the Dominion War. Once the Dominion War ended he was tasked in helping the rebuilding efforts, and afterwards was one of the first CO's to take on deep space exploration. After serving 47 years in Starfleet he decided to retire, and it wasn't until he heard the declaration of the Alrakis Pact that he decided to re-enlist his services as he figured Starfleet would need all the experienced command officers to help ride the waves of this particular challenge.

Played by Bigbilly86

Open Positions

  1. Chief Medical Officer
  2. Chief Science Officer
  3. Chief Counselor